Mommy AAA+

Mommy AAA+

Life through the eyes of working mother, juggling work, home, kids and blogging!

Mommy AAA+

A blog with the ramblings of a mother of three boys – the fun, the tears and the learnings! A mom juggling work, home, a hyper inquisitive pre-teen (yes they are pre teens at 8 now!), a hyper active toddler and his special needs twin. She is exploring the world of special needs children and discovering the challenges of special needs parenting.

This mom wants to share her journey, her (mis)adventures and learning and hopes that she is able to reach out to other parents in a similar boat. She would also love to hear thoughts and ideas from fellow parents and also those who are not!

She invites you to dive into the world of Arnav, Abeer and Anvay – the heroes who make her a Triple A mom!

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