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This blog is to share my views and experiences in my journey on the planet. I share my travel, cooking, lifestyle, women's interest and day to day experiences. Afterall, I am here for more than 50 years and has long experiences worth sharing.

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Flower Show 2020 | Neerja
Flower Show 2020 | Neerja's Musings
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It's the recount of my visit to annual flower show organised by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation...

That Old Black Sari. | Neerja
That Old Black Sari. | Neerja's Musings
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This is about memories, family heirloom and fun all around that black sari.

Honeymoon Travels – Article 370 and a revisit soon? | Neerja
Honeymoon Travels – Article 370 and a re...
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Remembering honeymoon travel after 35 years. Removal of article 370 has ignited the hopes to recreat...

Fit India | Neerja
Fit India | Neerja's Musings
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take charge of your health and fitness.

Exploring the Kangra Culture | Neerja
Exploring the Kangra Culture | Neerja's...
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This post is about my visit to kangra Museum and Kangra Fort in Dharamshala. It was an eye opening v...