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This blog contains my writings on education,social issues, movie review9Book review coming soon),parenting and the short stories, love stories, non-fictions, humor, poems and my shayris.

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Girls and Realization...One Sentence Thought
Girls and Realization...One Sentence Tho...
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if we look at the status of the women in our society then its clearly visible that in last twenty ye...

Social Media And Psychology
Social Media And Psychology
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(Facebookians=Those who wait for the likes and comments on their pictures after posting) when...

Researching On Myself
Researching On Myself
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Its not an easy task to change your thought SUDDENLY, its not easy to mold your mind and change the...

Racing Against Time...: The Competitive Sister---Half Fiction
Racing Against Time...: The Competitive...
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दोनो बस एक साथ Bus Stoppage पे पहुंचा, पीछलेवाले बस का Conductor सामनेवाले Driver के उपर चिल्ला रहा...

Hair Fall---Humor
Hair Fall---Humor
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First floor के Dining hall मे Basin के सामने रखि आइने के सामने खड़ा हो के मे माथे पे तेल लगा रहा था...

The Heart And The Words...Re-Expressed
The Heart And The Words...Re-Expressed
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This i s a poem i shared earlier and today i have rewritten it investing sometime(which i did not do...

Dull Brain...Animal And Reptile Psychology
Dull Brain...Animal And Reptile Psycholo...
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During my school and college days i have heard it several times that how should be the lifestyle of...

The Ordered Society...
The Ordered Society...
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Its quite common and frequent to see the introverts like me spending time "being far from the maddin...

Exam Of The Exam Boards..Resharing
Exam Of The Exam Boards..Resharing
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This post originally shared in my blog with the title Taking Examination Dated 31st October 2017...