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Science and Energy are the two driving forces of life. There is science behind the Origin of life, which when being steered with different energy forms of the Universe, made our mother Earth a home to around 8.7 million species.

Gripping lines, isnt it?

We all are curious to know about our origin, our body, how the global surroundings have an impact on us, the microbiome, how the technological advances in life sciences will influence our existence, the repurcussions and reverberation of scientific experiments and, many more. But at some point we step back due to the technical language and the jargons used that make the concepts difficult to comprehend. Subsequently, we start losing the interest finding the subject an onerous one!

This is where Scinergy21 comes into role. The blog attempts to bring out some very general processes, interesting concepts and phenomenons happening within the body and around us in our surroundings in a way that canbe easily absorbed by the readers. At the same time it also keeps the readers abreast of the recent advances in life sciences and its allied branches.

Brevity in writing is the best insurance for its perusal
~~~~~ Rudolf virchow

Inspired from this quote, Scinergy21 mainly directs its energy to expicitly explain the subject to non-science readers in the simplest possible manner, besides life science students, graduates, reserachers and professionals.

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