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Two Organizations in a Village
Two Organizations in a Village
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There were two organizations in a village. Both of them had the same motive to produce products whic...

Travel & Books – My treasure trove of stories! – Bookish Fame
Travel & Books – My treasure trove of st...
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I am a human who craves freedom. I look at reading and traveling as the gateway to my freedom.

Racing Against Time...: The Scratches...Fiction
Racing Against Time...: The Scratches......
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After completing the tea seating in the cemented bar near the tea stall and throwing the cup in the...

આખરી પડાવ- A Gujarati Poem by Swati Joshi
આખરી પડાવ- A Gujarati Poem by Swati Josh...
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મર્યા નથી ત્યાં સુધી તો જીવતા જ છીએ એ યાદ રાખવું અને અસ્તિત્વનાં આનંદનો ગુલાલ કરવો એ એકમાત્ર કામ છે...

Chai ki Chuski... - zarahatkeblog
Chai ki Chuski... - zarahatkeblog
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SKIP TO ENTRY CONTENT The sky is lit with the sun, the soothing wind is blowing past the faces of a...

Racing Against Time...: Coughing‌‌---Non-Fiction
Racing Against Time...: Coughing‌‌---Non...
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वैसे तो मै आज कुछ और लिखने बाला था लेकिन कल शाम जो हुआ वोह किस्सा इतनी अलग थि जो मै आपको बताए बिना न...

Diary Of Choreography: Definition of my - DIARY
Diary Of Choreography: Definition of my...
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My creative minds an ADVENTURE - It's a mere CIRCUS, a walking contradiction (ambiguous)

The Story of Rajesh
The Story of Rajesh's Crush
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Rajesh hails from a middle-class family. A few years ago, he was studying in a very popular private...

Raj’s Old Buddy ‘His Bicycle’
Raj’s Old Buddy ‘His Bicycle’
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Raj was getting nostalgic about his school days when he used to go for his school and other classes...