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Swati's Journal is a web publication written in Gujarati, English, Hindi. Stories, Poetry, Articles that relate to any Ramesh – Suresh, Aaliya – Malya. Most times fun, sometimes deep!

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Hey there! - Swati
Hey there! - Swati's Journal
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Love is not that simple as one thinks it to be! And you know one thing, emotions don’t know the dist...

Rebound - Swati
Rebound - Swati's Journal
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Stuti is a brave heart… Picking up from where one has left is a courageous act.. Not everyone can do...

Romantics - Swati
Romantics - Swati's Musicals, Short stor...
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Love may not be a downpour for some people but if it’s there, can feel it like dew drops… And it hel...

Departure - Swati
Departure - Swati's Journal
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Is it destiny or those unspoken words?… Moulding emotions into words in time is always necessary… If...

Aimed! - Swati
Aimed! - Swati's Journal
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Was that a fair one on Swara? The rules of fair play don’t apply in love and war and they just love...

Hooked! - Swati
Hooked! - Swati's Journal
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Love doesn’t have SOP for getting hooked. Once you accept it as it comes, it simply starts evolving!...

Bliss! - Swati
Bliss! - Swati's Journal
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It’s the power of unconditional love that can transform a miserable life into sheer bliss! What it o...

Savior! - Series | Swati
Savior! - Series | Swati's Musicals - Sh...
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Human values & holism are the main pillars of the indian culture. regardless of where you live on th...

Admirer! - Swati
Admirer! - Swati's Journal
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There is a whole different class of people lacking words to express their feelings but that doesn’t...