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What is Social Media Marketing?

Using social media to promote a product or service is called as Social Media Marketing. Social media can be any digital platform like websites, apps, social networking sites, content streaming sites etc. These social media platforms usually have a large user base of various categories. The users' behavior on social media like likes, dislikes, most viewed posts, shares, comments etc. are tracked by these platforms and suitable advertisements or content is then displayed in the user's feed. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of product marketing as the users can directly make purchases from the social media by clicking on relevant links or through phone calls to vendors or other means of purchases listed in the marketing campaign.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Saves effort analytics and progress tracking: Well-established social media platforms have their own analytic tools. The data collected by them is used to send out the ads to focused groups and track the success without any additional effort.

2. Save on elaborate advertisement cost: Since a product can be marketed even through word-of-mouth like comments, influencer endorsements etc., it saves up huge costs involved in shooting, printing, distributing ad campaigns as in mainstream media.

Social Media Marketing Examples:

1. Customers posting product reviews on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc. in comments, videos etc.

2. Information sharing in the form of word-of-mouth in social networking sites.

3. Product un-boxing videos on YouTube, Instagram etc.

4. Influencers or celebrities posting images, videos on Instagram.

5. Product placement in blogs.

Let us now discuss the different ways of Social Media Marketing that are popular.