Which is the best Plugin to Improve Speed and Performance of blog?

Hi all,

Which plugin do you use to improve the speed and performance of your website. I being using Autoptimise for quite a long time but recently switched to WP Fastest Cache. What's your review on below 2 plugins? Are any any other other plugins which can be better than these 2?

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Hi, I also used Auto Optimize for long. It is a good plugin and has some speed improvement. Tries WP Fastest cache also, but not much improvement. So, Autooptimize if tuned perfectly works fine. Just test with Combining CSS/JS on off to see, the performance.

Balvinder Singh Autoptimize is really good to minify html and size of overall code...

Balvinder Singh Thanks sir, is minifying CSS is really effective with Autoptimise?

Debasis Nayak Minifying is different for a different site like if you have more CSS files, the modification will reduce, but the one with less CSS, the modification will be also less. So, it may or may not have that impact on performance. Minifying is like, removing unused css, comments or any duplicated code. And combining on the other hand, will do combine all x number of css, into one css. So instead of loading let say 10 css one by one, means 10 CSS request, only one Css file combined with only 1 request will be called. This also differs in performance for different sites.

Autoptimize is used primarily to minify the css, js and html files. It also has the feature of lazy load for images

WP super cache is a caching plugin. It is different from other plugins in way that it converts all the php to html, thus reducing the server execution time everytime a request is made

They are all perfectly compatible with each other. I use them on my website and autoptimize together with WPSC has given me the best performance.

Rahul Gupta yeah agree, WPSC is a great plugin, but not suited for all. It had brokes many sites. Not compatible with all. But if someone just have a simple blog, then recommended.

Rahul Gupta Thanks Rahul, Is your overall speed of your site improved. I have seen some of the common settings between WPSC and Autoptimise, will it not create any problem?

Rahul Gupta Debasis Nayak let say, we have minifying on Both, so unifying from first and then modification on second will be done. As the modification is done by one, the 2nd may or may not minify more. But for combining CSS/JS, it will be an issue as there will be two copies. One i autoptimize and one in WPSC, so one of the plugins, will be overriding the CSS/JS at actual load. So, better to keep one only, with all functionality. Another consequence you may see, is irregular caching or some styling breaking on mobile design. Well now, i use litespeed cache, will post a review and share link.

I've been using autoptimize and it works good for me!

Try to get a plugin that can do lot more. i use hummingbird which has lots of option page caching, page optimization, Asset optimization and lot more it increase my website speed upto 50% although i was using Auto optimize then i have uninstall it as u can use only one plugging hummingbird else auto optimize

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