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True blogging needs patience and only who stay consistent and patiently writing, wins the name

But yes when I am down, I read a novel or motivational stories to feel motivated. Takes a break and always questions myself why did I start.

These tricks always helped me boost my confidence .

Rahul Gupta yes patience is very important in blogging. Yes, reading motivational stories is a good habit. It keeps you charged up.

Honestly, I keep on searching various topics...

by tracking alexa rank...focusing to make it under 30K worldwide. Hope it will be soon.

Tutorialsmate Try to post content on daily basis. Alexa will improve

I think running for passion is real blogging then we will run to earn money.

Pranita Pramod Deshpande true and that's what drive most of the bloggers...

I keep myself motivated for blogging ,because I'm learning new things everyday and the curiosity of learning new things push me to blog. I know I'm going to learn something new today and will be sharing same to the world and that's what my ultimate motivation.

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