How much you are earning from your blog and whats the source Guest Post, Affiliate ?

hey friends how much you are earning from your blog?

this question is to know the Best way to earn Money from Blogging.

I am earning 0 now a days. what about you?

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Now a days its not much due to corona and earlier i used to receive some good foreign clients for guest posts. But now its almost zero

I switched to affiliate from past 3 weeks but hardly much difference :(

I used to do freelancing for other websites and used my website as a sample of my work whenever I was asked to show my previous works..
But right now, since my main job has become very hectic as I'm working from home full time, I'm.not able to take up freelancing.
But I guess this is a better way to earn passively from your blog than depending on ad revenues.
Adsense click bait is too naive on India to rely on.

I was earning good before demonetisation like 40K per month but after it i see a drastic dip in my earning in adsense that dosent make any sense lol Still i continued as i enjoy writing and have a passion in this

Previously I was earning 1500$ from ads. But after google's last core update traffic dropped and now I am earning 1200$ per month from ads and from other sources 300$.
But I am using cloud hosting which costs 300$ per month.

Saruque Ahamed Mollick still its a pretty good amount to work for your passion and not for someone else...

Rahul Gupta
Here we update earning report and sources frequently

Saruque Ahamed Mollick thats really really impressive. Making 38$ daily isn't that bad and that too from adsense.

Good Luck

Rahul Gupta actually I am not using Adsense... You can check that in that link... Adsense pays far less.. but most of the bloggers are still unware about this

Saruque Ahamed Mollick so u using any affiliate marketing program???

Text link ads, contextual ads are good for low traffic websites

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