Should a start a english website to have more cpc

I have a Hindi website and I got AdSense approval as instructed and guided by @rahualgupta I have placed ads after getting 100-150 traffic daily. Just yesterday I placed the ad and I generated revenue of $0.04 and I have read many questions and answers and they are too struggling with low CPC. so should a simultaneously start a new website?

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It's totally upto you. If you can handle another website without compromise in content quality, go for it...

But if u limited in time/resources, I suggest to focus one at a time

Good luck with your first earning 👏👏👏

Rahul Gupta hmm i too think that is i divide my focus I will suffer. already my focus is divided in two major works and creating a new website it would be too strict on me!

Nishitiwari correct. That's why i suggest to go with one website. Spend few months and then depending upon how it goes, take your next step

Rahul Gupta hi can you please tell me how to drive organic traffic cause I think only this factor can generate high cpc

Nishitiwari Choose HQ keywords with good volume and rank on them

Or try long tail keywords with less volume and rank on it. Slowly it will drive traffic

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