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What is your review of Bluehost?

Is bluehost a good host? What are their Pros & Cos. Let's discuss everything here...

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Replies (7)

I use Bluehost and it hasn't yet disappointed me, it's been almost 2 years.

Vipin Gaur I too used for one year and I like their service

For starters, It's quite costly also the Blue-host is quite famous serving all over the world, I feel their customer support might not be that great as they have lots of clients to manage, It's obvious there would be a delay in customer support as they have a wide network to manage.

Praful Kharade true but the cost for hosting a wordpress blog is very cheap and servers are decent too.

good for affiliations, and awesome for wordpress

Have been using Bluehost for 2 years now. No complaints at all. Rather, I really appreciate their prompt support services.

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