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The Ultimate List of the Top Beauty Bloggers in India

Blogging is indeed a booming industry and has different genres where one can present their creativity skills. One of such popular genres is makeup and beauty blogging. It is not a hidden fact that the beauty industry is growing continuously and is not going down anytime soon. Therefore makeup bloggers and beauty bloggers are always welcome gracefully in the industry. Many famous makeup bloggers are able to achieve a full time income just by working on their blogs. However, some are even leaving a luxurious life just because of their numerous followers and creative content. Read more...

Skincare blogs are also popular in the market as people are always trying to look their best. A large number of audience follow makeup bloggers as well as many beauty bloggers. Therefore, there is a great scope for beginners as well. If somebody has the correct skills and it's creative enough to follow trendy makeup looks then they should definitely give makeup and beauty a try. many famous makeup bloggers 

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Most Popular Beauty Blogs in India

Tina Basu DA: 22
Tina Basu

Its about being real and not perfect

Tina Basu

Cosmetics Arena DA: 24
Cosmetics Arena

The Best Blog to Know the Ingredients of Cosmetics

Soma Banik

Good Vibes DA: 10
Good Vibes

A Blog about Health | Wellness |Beauty | Mind

Deepika Dhaka

Jante Hobe DA: 7
Jante Hobe

Gaining Knowledge, Right Decision, Beautiful Life

Habib Ullah

lovelcute DA: 53

See the face you love light up with


Khadija Beauty DA: 21
Khadija Beauty

Indian Beauty, Makeup & Lifestyle blog


Skincare Villa DA: 25
Skincare Villa

Beauty Blog for Skincare and Product reviews


Pratsmusings DA: 29

All about green living & conscious parenting

Pratibha P

Bthirteen DA: 8

One stop fashion and beauty destination

Bareen Khalid

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Beauty Blogs FAQ

  • What is a makeup blogger?

    A makeup blogger is someone who creates creative tutorials and other similar content on makeup artistry. Makeup bloggers create different looks by his or her creative sense of makeup. Makeup bloggers are largely popular these days because of the growing makeup and beauty industry. He or she is even able to make a good full-time income just because of this creative talent. A makeup Blogger is is known for setting makeup trends in the beauty industry which are then followed by large masses of people having an interest in the same area. Makeup blogging is popular in India as well as many Western nations across the world.

  • Who are the top beauty influencers?
  • What should I post on a beauty blog?
  • Do beauty bloggers get paid?
  • How To Start A Beauty Blog?
  • How do I write my first beauty blog post?
  • How to make a successful makeup blog?