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100+ Best Beauty Blogs To Follow In 2021

Blogging is indeed a booming industry and has different genres where one can present their creativity skills. One of such popular genres is makeup and beauty blogging. It is not a hidden fact that the beauty industry is growing continuously and is not going down anytime soon. Therefore makeup bloggers and beauty bloggers are always welcome gracefully in the industry. Many famous makeup bloggers are able to achieve a full time income just by working on their blogs. However, some are even leaving a luxurious life just because of their numerous followers and creative content. Read more...

Skincare blogs are also popular in the market as people are always trying to look their best. A large number of audience follow makeup bloggers as well as many beauty bloggers. Therefore, there is a great scope for beginners as well. If somebody has the correct skills and it's creative enough to follow trendy makeup looks then they should definitely give makeup and beauty a try. many famous makeup bloggers 

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 Mumbaikars Perspective
Women's Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness
Mumbaikars Perspective Kartik Murthy 59 37 2.9M
2 Mamaearth Blog
goodness inside
Mamaearth Blog Mamaearth 34 32 13.9k
3 Trabeauli
Best Beauty Lifestyle Blog
Trabeauli Vinita Chaturve... 30 39 1.4M
4 BeautyGlown
Makeup & Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Tips
BeautyGlown Puja Kar 28 35 387.8k
5 The Pink Velvet Blog
Beauty, Skincare, and Makeup
The Pink Velvet Blog Niharika Verma 28 37 634.4k
6 Tina Basu
Its about being real and not perfect
Tina Basu Tina Basu 27 40 408.7k
7 Bollywood Galiyara
Latest Bollywood News & Gossips
Bollywood Galiyara Rakesh Sharma 25 35 262.4k
8 V10Plus Blog
Beauty & Skincare Blog
V10Plus Blog V10Plus 25 16 1.4M
9 The Beautyholic
Beauty, lifestyle and fashion
The Beautyholic Mariyam Abid 24 40 681.0k
10 Healthcare Insides
Providing Healthcare Information
Healthcare Insides Madhvi Sharma 23 36 2.0M
11 Pratsmusings
All about green living & conscious parenting
Pratsmusings Pratibha P 22 40 193.4k
12 Nikki's talk
Nikki Nikhila 22 29 1.8M
13 WLP Free Trials
Health, Beauty & Fashion Blog 2020
WLP Free Trials Naman Sharma 22 44 N.A
14 Beauty & Beyond
Lifestyle, beauty, personal experiences
Beauty & Beyond Jhilmil D Saha 21 35 362.5k
15 Every Little Thing Happiness
Parenting lifestyle and everyday musing
Every Little Thing Happiness Kapila Rattan B... 21 34 1.1M
16 Ms Tantrum Blog
Beauty & Fashion
Ms Tantrum Blog Ashh Akanksha 19 36 4.9M
17 Skincare Villa
Beauty Blog for Skincare and Product reviews
Skincare Villa Sonali 19 36 258.7k
18 Khadija Beauty
Indian Beauty, Makeup & Lifestyle blog
Khadija Beauty Khadija 18 38 1.6M
19 Beautifully Me
Lifestyle Blog
Beautifully Me Clara Gomes 18 38 1.8M
20 Cosmetics Arena
The Best Blog to Know the Ingredients of Cosmetics
Cosmetics Arena Soma Banik 18 30 401.4k
21 Skinella Skin Care
Skin Care Products
Skinella Skin Care Skinella Skin C... 18 17 396.3k
22 Shreemayeesdiary
Best of Beauty, Fashion and Food reviews
Shreemayeesdiary Shreemayee Chat... 17 48 377.3k
23 Parilifestyle
Exploring via Pari's eyes
Parilifestyle Priyal Poddar 17 33 354.7k
24 FashionTalkz
Fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends and updates
FashionTalkz Shaziya Shah 17 18 3.9M
25 That Madras mom
Parenting, lifestyle , Skincare, book reviews
That Madras mom Sindhu Vinod Na... 17 32 259.0k
26 Indian Budget Beauty
Makeup & Beauty on a budget
Indian Budget Beauty Trishna Das 17 29 447.0k
27 AskRicha
Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, News & More
AskRicha Richa 16 24 2.2M
28 High On Gloss
Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
High On Gloss Nisha Malik 16 36 2.5M
29 Rxzona
A pharmacist blog about Medications and diseases
Rxzona Martin Feichter 16 30 6.7M
30 Circlemag
Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
Circlemag Circlemag 15 23 518.8k
31 Healing Arenaa
Complete Solution For Health
Healing Arenaa B Prasad 15 30 1.4M
32 FliptheLife
Enjoy Every Movement of Life!!!
FliptheLife Flipthelife 15 28 1.3M
33 How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally
acne problem and the solution
How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally Jean Darlin 14 16 3.6M
34 Lifestyle Fame
The World Through Her Eyes
Lifestyle Fame Lifestyle Fame 13 25 2.8M
35 Demure Beauty
Clean Skincare and Beauty Blog
Demure Beauty Rutu Desai 13 23 2.8M
36 Lynnai style
Health & Beauty tips
Lynnai style Diamond Margret... 12 23 2.8M
37 Bridal Glam Guide
Your Beautiful Journey Of The Wedding With Us
Bridal Glam Guide Bridalglamguide 11 11 6.8M
38 Beauty Health Care
Beauty Blog
Beauty Health Care Mukesh 11 18 N.A
39 CheekyDimplesBlog
Beauty and Skincare from all around the world!
CheekyDimplesBlog Tanya Singh 10 22 7.9M
40 Become Beauty Expert
Complete guide on best professional courses
Become Beauty Expert Bridalglamguide 10 12 3.1M
41 99skincare
Dealing with Common 99skincare Conditions along
99skincare Tran Pawelek 10 36 N.A
42 Healthbenefit4u
Health Fitness and lifestyle website
Healthbenefit4u Jitendra Saini 10 21 N.A
43 Bthirteen
One stop fashion and beauty destination
Bthirteen Bareen Khalid 9 17 5.6M
44 Jante Hobe
Gaining Knowledge, Right Decision, Beautiful Life
Jante Hobe Habib Ullah 9 23 1.7M
45 How Such
That's how you do it
How Such Divyanka Krsna 9 18 N.A
46 Indian Women Life
women's based blog
Indian Women Life Archana Shrivas... 9 18 6.5M
47 bestbeautys
Love The Skin You Are In
bestbeautys Raja Rajeswari 9 22 N.A
48 Glamha
Secrets Of Staying Young
Glamha Hira Khan 8 18 N.A
49 Indian Beauty Bloom
A beauty blog with reviews and parenting tips
Indian Beauty Bloom Ghazala Naseem 8 20 979.4k
50 TheBlissfulbeauty
indian Beauty and lifestyle blog.
TheBlissfulbeauty Sonali 8 22 1.7M
51 Top5listicle
Best of Health & Beauty!
Top5listicle Shweta 8 26 869.4k
52 Top5listicle
Best of Health & Beauty!
Top5listicle Shweta 8 26 869.4k
53 Beautyspring
The science and art of skincare
Beautyspring Lubna 7 6 N.A
54 The Trendy Chori
The Trendy Chori Rinu 7 8 N.A
55 Daily4ever
Natural Health and Beauty Tips
Daily4ever Farooq Khan 7 25 N.A
56 NaturallyHappyMom
Beauty blog for mom and all
NaturallyHappyMom Neha Srivastava 6 15 2.8M
57 Good Vibes
A Blog about Health | Wellness |Beauty | Mind
Good Vibes Deepika Dhaka 6 17 3.1M
58 Israa Shaikh
personal style, beauty and lifestyle blog
Israa Shaikh Israa Shaikh 5 4 N.A

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Beauty FAQs

A makeup blogger is someone who creates creative tutorials and other similar content on makeup artistry. Makeup bloggers create different looks by his or her creative sense of makeup. Makeup bloggers are largely popular these days because of the growing makeup and beauty industry. He or she is even able to make a good full-time income just because of this creative talent. A makeup Blogger is is known for setting makeup trends in the beauty industry which are then followed by large masses of people having an interest in the same area. Makeup blogging is popular in India as well as many Western nations across the world.

The beauty and makeup industry is growing each passing day and therefore it is also noticing a constant increase in the number of beauty and makeup influencers. It is difficult to name top beauty influencers because each influencer has a different style and a different trend which is followed by them. Different makeup influences have different audiences such as some makeup influencers create looks that are more subtle and natural however some create dramatic looks that are often used for professional photoshoots as well. Various beauty bloggers are gaining more and more popularity day by day and making this genre a huge part of the blogging industry.

Beauty blogging has a great scope of creativity. It is suggested to read different blogs of popular names in beauty blogging. This will give you a good idea of writing the content and engaging the readers with it. Beauty blogging always has something going on in the trends. All popular bloggers try these trends out and share their experiences with their audience. You can also begin with doing the same and by using the relevant hashtags you will be able to attract good traffic to your blog because of the trendy content. Once you get more well versed with the language of the content it will become easier to engage the audience with your content.

The answer is definitely yes but has a lot of conditions. Blogging is a great platform to earn a good income with the comfort level of working at your home. Beauty bloggers also get paid for different influencer marketing practices, brand promotions, PR practices, and much more. However, one cannot expect to get a regular income from the beginning of blogging itself. This is because bloggers are only paid for the number of followers they have and the readership they attract each month. The more the number of followers your blog will have, the more chances you will have of earning money. If you have the right skills and passion for blogging then you can even earn a full-time income from a blog.

Starting a beauty blog is just like starting any other blog. It begins with a unique idea, creative skills to make interesting content, the ability to engage your audience, remaining consistent with your content and lastly creating relevant as well as interesting content. All these things are required to establish a professional beauty blog. Before jumping into this business, you must check out blogs of different beauty bloggers who are popular in this industry. This will give you an idea of how the content is created and how you can make an income out of it. The correct skills and passion for creativity will give you a good start.

The most important thing before establishing or writing the first post of your beauty blog is to do extensive research. One should give proper time to research different beauty trends going on in the industry, what other beauty bloggers are posting about, different strategies to keep the audience engaged with your blog, and much more. The research part is the most important one before beginning with any blog because it gives you the correct idea of what you should write. Once you are done with the research part you should continue working on the type of language you are using for your posts.

Makeup blogs are quite popular in the market right now and many people are attracted to them. The key to writing a successful makeup blog is again nothing but knowing the current trends in the makeup industry. Look out for the trends which are going on in different social media platforms and follow different makeup bloggers. Another idea can be to prepare makeup blogs on different occasions. If explored properly, there are numerous ideas available to write a successful makeup blog.