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Blogging has become more than a hobby thing nowadays. People are taking it up as a full-time profession and generating good revenue from the blog. To start a blog you need to have a proper guidance and a mentor who will guide you about the basic to advanced level strategies of blog. Starting a blog is easy but maintaining it in a long run and converting it into a profitable source of income requires expertise. 

You need to know how search engines work. Google is one of the dominant search engines that is used by a large percentage of internet. 

How many times have you used Yahoo for your search? Very rare, right?

SEO is mandatory if you wish to rank your blog in Google search you need to master the art of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It takes practical learning and you can learn that by implementing things that you learnt on your own blog.  You also need to promote your content on social media platforms. 

Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Digital marketing makes it possible for your blog or business to reach out your audience. Now the question is how will you learn all these things?? You need the right guidance and resources else you will quit blogging soon! Today we are going to share some of the best blogging and digital marketing blogs with you. You find valuable blogging knowledge and tools on these blog that will help you to open up more sources of monetization from your blog. Have a look!


Gurgaon , India

A platform for Indian bloggers

Blogging & Digital Marketing


Hazaribag , India

Blogging & Digital Marketing Blog

Blogging & Digital Marketing


This Blog serve information about technology.

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

Blogging Triggers

Palakkad , India

Technology and Blogging tips blog

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Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Sagwara , India

Blogging, SEO, Internet Ki Jaankari Hindi Me

Blogging & Digital Marketing


Hyderabad , India

Writings of a multilingual freelance writer

Travel Blogging & Digital Marketing


Ranchi , India

Where you can learn about many thing

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Kannur , India

Propagating the best of technology!

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Inspire People With Knowledge

Blogging & Digital Marketing


लेख जो ज्ञान बढ़ाए

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Raigarh , India

हमारे साइट में आपको हर तरह के ट्यूटोरियल मिलेंगे

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

Hindi Me Help

Bhopal , India

Internet ki Puri Jankari Hindi Me!

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Bangalore , India

Let's talk and build your brand

Blogging & Digital Marketing


Hanuman Junction , India

हिंदी में जानकारी

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

Technical Natraj

Delhi , India

Technical Natraj – हिंदी में जानकारी

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing