Top Best Fashion Bloggers & Influencers List 2020

Fashion blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches and is also one of the oldest genres in this industry. It is all about using your creative senses to style different outfits for different occasions. However, nowadays fashion bloggers are more than just outfit advisors as many of them are promoting body positivity and self-love as well. Fashion bloggers are responsible for influencing people to embrace their bodies, look, and feel good about themselves. Read more...

Fashion blogging may look simpler and comparatively easier than other blogging areas but it is more than just posing in front of the camera. It is about creating different options out of the limited resources one has. Fashion blogging has a great scope in the long run because many designers are promoting their products through fashion bloggers. These brands indulge in constant collaboration with different bloggers for marketing purposes. Many famous fashion bloggers are no less than celebrities today because of their creative minds and ability to style outfits for many occasions as well as for different body types. Every blogging platform is equipped with successful fashion bloggers one must follow for great ideas.

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Here are the top Fashion bloggers you should be following:

# TOP Fashion Bloggers LIST 2020 Website Url DA (Domain Authority) Social Presence Location
1 Mumbaikars Perspective
Women's Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness 60 Mumbai
2 Know World Now
So many things are happening. 57 Delhi
3 TheBlogspost
Discover fresh lifestyle content 55 Delhi
4 Baggout
Magazine for today's women and girls 36 Delhi
5 Ana's World
A Travel & Style Blog 34 Bangalore
6 Makeup Review & Beauty Blog
Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 29 Mumbai
Fashion, travel and lifestyle blog 27 Mumbai
8 Blog Guru
Latest News | Fashion | Food | Technology | Entert... 26 Raikot
9 Sartorial Secrets
Personal styling, fashion, luxury, beauty and life... 23 Bangalore
10 Celebrity Fashion Blog
Fashion blog exploding with must see styles 22
11 Wigglingpen
One stop destination for fashion, lifestyle and fa... 22 Mumbai
12 Sayeri Diary
A Trend To Follow & A Style To Love 22 Kolkata
13 Beginners Fashion
Fashion Blog 20
14 Jewellerista
All You Need To Know About Jewellery 20 Hyderabad
15 BoldBlush
Fashion, Lifestyle and Motivation 20 Pune
16 Love Beats
A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 19
17 Saba Relishingrascal Scribbles
Everything about life in the most creative way! 19 Mumbai
18 High On Gloss
Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog 19 Delhi
19 style with glamour
Bringing uniquely the entire gamut of fashion, fit 18
20 Fashionistha
Fashion & Personal Style Blogger 18 Pune
21 Xclusive Fashion Meets Lifestyle
A platform about lifestyle and fashion blogger. 17 Vadodara
22 The Fashion and City
The Online Style Magazine 17 Chennai
23 FashionOkPlease
Fashion | Food | Travel | Beyond 17 Mumbai
24 AskRicha
Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, News & More 16 Jaipur
25 thebestsguide
The Hub of Health, Fashion, Tech, Entertainment, B... 15 Ludhiana
26 Nimsstylefile
Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 15 Delhi
27 ClickandFab
Being Fabulous is a Forte 15 Chandigarh
28 Every Little Things
This blog is all about fashion,health& fitness. 14 Chandigarh
29 Pastel Red
Beauty. Fashion. Style 13 Delhi
30 BeautyFitnessFashion
Beauty, Health & Fashion tips 13 Mumbai
31 Zanaposh
Fashion,Health and Lifestyle
Https:// 12 Bali
32 Sarah's Princess Collection
Beautiful Things fora Beautiful You! 12 Guwahati
33 Ourtitbits
Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Social 12 Delhi
34 Tailor your life with Aritro
Food | Fashion | Travel | Wellness | Education 12 Dehradun
35 Footidea
Foot Idea - Give The Best and Avoid The Stress 11
36 Beautyissh
A fusion of beauty, fashion and everything related... 11 Mumbai
37 FashionTalkz
Fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends and updates 10 Delhi
38 PrideInWear
Style Defines Personality 10 Bareilly
39 Bthirteen
One stop fashion and beauty destination 10 Ratnagiri
40 Dusky By Nature
I create content and influence what i feel 10 Delhi
41 CheekyDimplesBlog
Beauty and Skincare from all around the world! 10 Noida
42 Modonika
Lifestyle Blog 9 Chandigarh
Blogging the Best 9 Delhi
44 BongJournal
An essence of life 9 Kolkata
45 That Grateful Soul
Positive Vibes and Lifestyle Blog 9 Udaipur
46 graciousposts
posts you are looking for 8
47 Fashion new trends
we know fashion 7
48 Find My Lifestyle
Truly Find Your Focus In Life 6 Luhans’ke
49 Teaching Men's Lifestyle
Men's Fashion & Style, Men's Fitness & Health 6 Rustaq
50 styleforeverygirl
Fashion tips for every girl 6
51 Hot Peeks
Relationship | Fashion | Body and Health Care 6 Chandigarh
52 Fashion designer guide
Tips on designing comfortable clothes for indians 5 Panaji
53 Wanderuffles
10 things to do in Spiti valley 5 Hyderabad
54 IMK Clothing Ideas
55 Radiant Lyf
Just Live Life Your Way 5 Delhi
56 Israa Shaikh
personal style, beauty and lifestyle blog 5 Vadodara
57 Thevelvetvanity
58 The PopUp Feed
Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle 4 Delhi
59 Mysmileylife
Your Life Your Style 4 Delhi
60 Tophatlifestyle
The Smart Choice of Lifestyle 2 Jaipur
61 Ankky Blogs
Skincare|Makeup|Fashion|Lifestyle 1 Bangalore
62 Every shade of women
Fashion, beauty, lifestyle and shopping 1 Haldwani
63 Avanti Dhiman
A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog 1 Dehradun
64 Every Little Things
This blog is all about fashion,health& fitness. 1 Chandigarh
Carrying with eligance and comfort 1 Delhi
66 The Fashion Bulletin
Get updated about everything fashion 0 Delhi
67 Style Craze
A blog of best and affordable product review 0 Delhi
68 Boidehi Assamese Magazine
Boidehi Assamese Magazine 0 Guwahati
69 Bridal Glam Guide
Your Beautiful Journey Of The Wedding With Us 0 Noida
70 Take shirt
It's a fashion related blog 0 Ahmedabad
71 The Aristochic
Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Parenting 0

Fashion FAQs

  • How do fashion bloggers afford their clothes?

    It is the most common question people have about fashion blogging as it requires a lot of outfits and makeup which looks heavy on the pocket. Initially, fashion bloggers do invest a certain amount of money to buy outfits for styling them and posting photos. However, after a while, they start getting collaboration offers from different brands who sponsor their outfits in return for a positive promotion. Moreover, most of them believe in sustainable fashion and try to style a single outfit in different ways as per their creative sense.

  • How fashion bloggers make money?

    Fashion bloggers have different ways to make money, although the most common one remains brand promotions. Different brands send outfits and styling products to the bloggers and ask them to promote their product among their audience. For this, the bloggers charge a certain amount of money and that's how they end up making an income out of fashion blogging. Other than this, fashion bloggers are often invited at various events like blogger meets, product launching, store launching, etc that again they promote among their audience for which they get paid.

  • How much do fashion bloggers get paid?

    Fashion blogging is no different than other blogging niches and hence requires a lot of time and patience to make an income out of it. The bloggers who have just started may not make any income at all in the beginning but as soon as they start gaining followers and viewers, their market value increases and they start getting paid for the products they promote. Most of the established fashion bloggers live a luxurious life and are almost celebrities. Making an income in this business solely depends upon the reach a blogger has and how the audience reacts to their fashion sense.

  • Where do fashion bloggers shop?

    Fashion bloggers have a lot of brands and stores on their minds and they are always open to trying new brands as well. Fashion bloggers are generally aware of a lot of different fashion brands. They never shy away from trying out a new brand and then share their experience with the audience for which they often get paid in return. Since different brands try to reach them directly they are always in a good position to understand which brand suits their personality and body type according to which they plan their shopping preferences.

  • What fashion bloggers to follow?

    There are a number of fashion bloggers which one must follow the right way to take a good inspiration for your next shopping trip or a fancy occasion. But it is not possible to take inspiration from all the fashion bloggers as different fashion bloggers have different fashion sense as per which they create their target audience. You should follow the blogger that has a fashion sense you personally adore and would love to try. There are different bloggers who create content as per the different body types and comparing yourself with them to understand outfit styling often helps.

  • How to become a fashion blogger?

    To become a fashion blogger, the most important thing is to have a good fashion sense. One who does not have a good fashion sense cannot stay in this business because that is the sole purpose of a fashion blogger. Once you have realized that you have a passion for styling, the next step is for you to choose a unique style based on which you will stand out from the crowd. There are various platforms where you can post blogs as well as your pictures showcasing your styling creativity based on which you may build a good amount of followers.

  • How much do fashion bloggers make 2020?

    Fashion blogging in 2020 is completely relevant and will say the same way for a long time as fashion is never going out of style. Therefore, the scope of making a good income in this area of blogging is huge. The trend of fashion blogging has begun just a couple of years ago and has gained so much popularity that many bloggers are able to make a full-time income just from their blogs. Different fashion bloggers earn different amounts of money based on the reach they have in terms of audience and the kind of collaborations they get from brands.

  • How do I start fashion blogging?

    One can start fashion blogging with minimal investment and a good sense of creativity in terms of fashion. One also needs to be a creative writer to express fashion with words and expressions. There are many blogging platforms where you can join huge communities to begin your blogging journey and Indibloghub is one such platform. Here, you get to connect with other bloggers as well as you get a good audience reach among which you can share your creativity.