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What are lifestyle bloggers and what is lifestyle blogging all about? Lifestyle blogging is about creating creative content related to different parameters of one's life. It is all about expressing one's lifestyle through a sense of creativity and personal style. There are many successful lifestyle bloggers who are living a luxurious life and are now recognized as celebrities with lifestyle blogs of their own. Lifestyle blogging has a good scope of earning if you have a good imagination as well as creativity to present different aspects of your life in a presentable and attractive manner. Read more...

Many luxury lifestyle bloggers are able to earn millions through their blogs with the help of brand promotions and their signature aesthetics sense. Lifestyle Blogging is not just about textual content but is also about visual art which is clearly represented by many lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. The blogging industry is full of enthusiastic young lifestyle bloggers and many of them are successful as well. Even in 2020, the blogging industry is still very much relevant and is not going down anytime soon. You can also become a successful lifestyle blogger will a good amount of hard work and a signature style of yours which makes you stand out of the crowd. 

Harstuff Travel

Delhi , India

A blog about Budget and Adventure traveling

Lifestyle Travel

Kitchen of Debjani

Kolkata , India

A food blog run by a bong financial analyst mom!

Lifestyle Food & Drink

Cosmetics Arena

Kolkata , India

The Best Blog to Know the Ingredients of Cosmetics

Lifestyle Makeup & Beauty

The Pink Velvet Blog

Noida , India

Beauty, Skincare, and Makeup

Lifestyle Makeup & Beauty


Guwahati , India

Twenties and Lifestyle

Lifestyle Travel

Jugni & Co

Pune , India

Lifestyle blog with a Bollywood infusion!


Bridal Glam Guide

Noida , India

Your Beautiful Journey Of The Wedding With Us

Lifestyle Fashion Makeup & Beauty

Ikreate Passions

Delhi , India

Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Food & Drink

Masalaa News

Amritsar , India

Lifestyle, Travel, Bollywood News

Lifestyle Entertainment

Tina Basu

Bangalore , India

Its about being real and not perfect

Lifestyle Makeup & Beauty


Delhi , India

LIfestyle blog - colour of all life

Lifestyle Mom & Parenting

Marathi Informative

Gadchiroli , India

Where you get informed in Marathi language.

Lifestyle Personal

Magazines World

Delhi , India

A Magazine Blog for News and Informations

Lifestyle Education


Chennai , India

The Lifestyle Blogazine


Nikki's talk

Vijayawada , India


Lifestyle Makeup & Beauty

Candid Opinions

Delhi , India

Lifestyle, Finance, Entertainment, Technology

Lifestyle Business & Finance

Vagabond Stories

Delhi , India

Travel, food , inspirational

Lifestyle Travel


Ahmedabad , India

Healthy Living and Lifestyle Channel for Women

Lifestyle Health & Fitness

Beauty & Beyond

Mumbai , India

Lifestyle, beauty, personal experiences

Lifestyle Makeup & Beauty


Ahmedabad , India

It's All About You - Your Health, Beauty & Fitness

Lifestyle Health & Fitness

Sindhu JP

Hyderabad , India

A dusky girls stories about lifestyle, fashion, makeup and beauty


The Life Hype

Delhi , India

Lifestyle, Fitness, Food, Entertainment, Reviews

Lifestyle Health & Fitness


Jaipur , India

Sights, Pictures and Stories from Jaipur! Everything Jaipur!

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Lifestyle FAQs

  • What's a lifestyle blogger?

    What's a lifestyle blogger? To put it simply, a lifestyle blogger creates content related to his or her life's daily aspects in form of text, images, and videos. This content is posted on multimedia digital platforms. Lifestyle blogging is popular because it connects different people with similar interests and helps them build a community. A lifestyle blogger is committed to creating content inspired by personal interest as well as leisure activities. These blogs are extremely personalized as they revolve around the author's life and experiences. A lifestyle blogger can play an integral role in creating a community that is bonded by common interests.

  • What are the best lifestyle blogs?

    What are the best lifestyle blogs? at Indibloghub, we are a community of numerous bloggers from different niches one of which is lifestyle blogging. One can explore our website and can find many lifestyle bloggers who are successfully running their blogs the quality content as well as constant consistency.

  • How do I become a good lifestyle blogger?

    How do I become a good lifestyle blogger? Becoming a successful lifestyle blogger requires more than just photos and text. It is a journey that requires consistency and constant efforts. To become a lifestyle blogger, you must have good writing skills so that you can attract more and more visitors to your blog. Creating quality content is another challenge for a lifestyle blogger as it requires consistency and learning new stuff. Once you start consistency in creating unique content in your blog you will gain loyal viewers who will desperately wait for your post. In this case, you have to keep your blog updated as even a little absence may lead to a huge loss.

  • How do I start lifestyle blogging?

    How do I start lifestyle blogging? There are plenty of lifestyle bloggers who are already established in the market so it is best a signature that makes you unique from other players in the industry. Find your inspiration and at least one thing which makes you stand out of the crowd. start working on your writing and photography skills as visual content is always a plus in lifestyle blogging. Moreover, try selecting a particular aesthetic that will make your content have a specific signature of your touch. Beginning my lifestyle blog may seem like a daring task but once you start enjoying it you grow into a better person.

  • Is it worth blogging in 2020?

    Is it worth blogging in 2020? It is definitely worth blogging in 2020. There is no doubt about that. The blogging industry is dynamic and is reaching heights day by day. Most of the blogging platforms are gaining more and more bloggers these days making this an ever-expanding industry. Moreover, there is a great earning scope in blogging as many brands look forward to promoting their products and services through influencers. Promotion through influencers is a strategic way as they directly interact with the audiences which also provides open lanes for feedbacks.

  • How much can lifestyle bloggers make?

    How much can lifestyle bloggers make? There is not a single answer to this question because blogging is a dynamic platform and different bloggers earn differently. Beginners naturally tend to make fewer bucks as compared to successfully established lifestyle bloggers who have been working for years now. Lifestyle blogging is all about consistent hard work and a desire to create unique content. It is best to stay genuine as a blogger as this quality will attract more followers which will make you more earn more. Successful bloggers can make even 100k per month and there is no limit even after that.

  • How much do Instagram lifestyle bloggers make?

    How much do Instagram lifestyle bloggers make? Instagram lifestyle bloggers are known for their aesthetic sense of creativity which is shown in their lifestyle blogging. Posting pictures of daily activities and different aspects of their life. As far as the money is concerned, Instagram lifestyle bloggers earn through promoting different brands and recommending the products to their followers. Just like blogging, Instagram lifestyle bloggers can experience huge differences in making money out of their accounts. The math is simple here, the more the genuine followers a blogger has more money he or she will make out of it.