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Best Lifestyle Blogs in India (2023)

What are lifestyle bloggers and what is lifestyle blogging all about? Lifestyle blogging is about creating creative content related to different parameters of one's life. It is all about expressing one's lifestyle through a sense of creativity and personal style. There are many successful lifestyle bloggers who are living a luxurious life and are now recognized as celebrities with lifestyle blogs of their own. Lifestyle blogging has a good scope of earning if you have a good imagination as well as creativity to present different aspects of your life in a presentable and attractive manner. Read more...

Many luxury lifestyle bloggers are able to earn millions through their blogs with the help of brand promotions and their signature aesthetics sense. Lifestyle Blogging is not just about textual content but is also about visual art which is clearly represented by many lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. The blogging industry is full of enthusiastic young lifestyle bloggers and many of them are successful as well. Even in 2021, the blogging industry is still very much relevant and is not going down anytime soon. You can also become a successful lifestyle blogger will a good amount of hard work and a signature style of yours which makes you stand out of the crowd. 

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 Dream Apartment DA: 21
Dream Apartment

Home improvement and apartment decoration blog


All Information Den DA: 15
All Information Den

Blog helps to stay updated with latest information


VSN Groups DA: 9
VSN Groups

Online Shopping & Trending News and Information

Nishant Agrawal

HindiToday DA: 8

Read latest tech news, news and tips and tricks.

Deepak Singh

Doctormommyspeaks DA: 8

Experience and research backed help in Parenting.

Dr. Rahat

Pratsmusings DA: 29

All about green living & conscious parenting

Pratibha P

Blooming girl DA: 10
Blooming girl

Blooming girl is experience of a girl in love

Shilpa Choudhary

Lifestyle Blogs FAQ

  • What is a lifestyle blogger?

    To put it simply, a lifestyle blogger creates content related to his or her life's daily aspects in form of text, images, and videos. This content is posted on multimedia digital platforms. Lifestyle blogging is popular because it connects different people with similar interests and helps them build a community. A lifestyle blogger is committed to creating content inspired by personal interest as well as leisure activities. These blogs are extremely personalized as they revolve around the author's life and experiences. A lifestyle blogger can play an integral role in creating a community that is bonded by common interests.

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