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List of Popular New Delhi Blogs

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List of Best New Delhi Based Blogs To Follow In 2021

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank Niche
1 The Idioms
Largest Idioms Dictionary
The Idioms The Idioms 45 51 102.6k Education
2 Webocity
Webocity Blog
Webocity Webocity 34 24 2.1M Technology
3 My Gyan Guide
Find Health, Technology, SEO, latest trending news
My Gyan Guide My Gyan Guide 23 36 125.5k Technology
4 Hindi Dada
When India reads, only then India will move forwar
Hindi Dada Hindi Dada 21 36 284.8k Technology
5 JankariHub
JankariHub is an educational blog.
JankariHub Mahesh 17 35 725.5k Education
6 The Business News
A multi-niche guest blogging website.
The Business News Rahul 13 27 3.0M Fitness
Gat daily news & money making tricks Lekh Singh 12 27 2.8M News
8 Snoophuk
with Luxury , Gorgeous and Traverse
Snoophuk Ankit Kuumar 11 21 3.1M Lifestyle
9 Sparkling Talk
Blog for SEO, Online money making, Technology
Sparkling Talk Rishi Kumar San... 9 22 N.A Technology
10 Web Ayurvedic
What's Mindfulness all about?
Web Ayurvedic Ritu Singh 9 22 N.A Fitness
CHIEF HOME APPLIANCES Akshay Raven 8 18 6.7M Miscellaneous
12 I Am New Learner
Free Resource for Digital Marketing and Tech
I Am New Learner Sam Banie 8 20 3.3M Technology
13 Gopalbad
Latest and Unique about Bihar
Gopalbad Rishi Kumar San... 3 21 N.A News
14 Priya Pandey
Hindi Poetry, Quotes , Writing Blog
Priya Pandey Priya Pandey 3 36 N.A Poetry
15 shaantec
this is a technology like blog
shaantec Shahnwaj Khan 1 6 N.A Technology