Top 100+ verified blog directories list in news-entertainment-blogs | Free blog directory submission site 2020

Blog directories are much more beneficial then you can imagine. A simple blog directory site can do wonders for your simple blog. In simple terms, blog directories are responsible to sort different blog posts under different categories to make the website look more professional & creative. There are many blog directories that are completely free of cost & offer numerous benefits & features without paying a single penny! Read more...

Top blog directories are extremely useful if you are looking forward to converting your website into an SEO friendly one. This will provide you loads of benefits and also improve the earning potential of your blog. If one looks forward to improvising their blog and make it reach more and more people then there is a dire need for them to use one of the top blog directory sites in news-entertainment-blogs.

Let us look at a few advantages which free blog directory submission sites offer to bloggers:

1. Safe backlinks: Using blog directories provide you with backlinks that are safe as well as have good quality. The data which is collected in the comment section and the form submission of each blog goes directly into the backlink. Hence, it requires a lot of effort to keep a track of this data. Blog directories offer different features to keep track of all this data and secure it safely.

2. Avoid spamming: Blog directories are the easiest way to avoid spam as it helps to keep things in order. It creates different categories and catalogs for different topics which also helps the admin to keep a track of different posts.

3. SEO friendly websites: Blog directories are the most effective way to develop a blogging website which is SEO friendly and therefore improves the ranking of the pages as well.

4. Build links: Blog directory sites are extremely beneficial when it comes to building links. It helps in creating different categories for different interests and helps in generating as many links possible in an easy manner.

5. Improved ranking: Top blog directories offer benefits in SEO terms which helps in improving the overall ranking of different pages in your blog. This, in turn, improves the earning of the website because of more visibility among the audience.

6. Paid collaborations: Blog directories are responsible to make your websites look credible as well as extremely professional. When it comes to collaborations, brands are always looking out for blogs that have these two qualities. Therefore, using top blog directory listing may attract different brands towards your blog and you may get many opportunities to get involved in paid collaborations.

7. Better Interaction: As we discussed earlier, using a blog directory can help you to manage the data saved in your backlinks in an efficient manner. As the reach of your website increases more and more readers start to put up their queries which are again saved in the backlink.

8. Better reach: Blog directories directly increase the audience to reach because of many SEO friendly practices. This helps in improving the overall exposure of the website making it increase the earning potential as well. Better reach in terms of the audience always does wonders for the blog.

All of these benefits above prove that each blogger must look for a top blog directory site. Many of the top blog directories are free of cost and will improvise the reach as well as the earnings of the blog. Moreover, it will add more credibility and professionalism to the website.


  • What is the blog directory?

    Blog directories are used to categorize different blog posts to organize them in a particular order. Most of the blogs in different blog directories are closely reviewed by admin and are then given a particular place to keep blogs sorted in their respective catalogs. When it comes to a blogging website, the blogger writes creative content about different topics and interest areas. Therefore, it becomes important to create different directories for different interests. Creating blog directories for a blog also provides numerous benefits when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • What are the benefits of the Blog directory in SEO?

    There are many benefits of using blog directories for your blog when it comes to Search Engine optimization. Blog directories are a way to organize your blogs under different catalogs to make them look sorted. Organizing and sorting are extremely beneficial for SEO to activate. When it comes to SEO practices, Google visits through different websites and reaches out to the one which is easy to understand and easy to recognize keywords. This directly helps in the ranking of the page because your website is optimized in a better manner giving it a better SEO ranking.