Best Top Tech Bloggers | Tech Influencers 2020

Technology is a boon for human life, if we know how to use it properly. Technology has enhanced the quality of human life. It pacified the day to day activities ranging from travel to communicating with anyone in any part of the world. A lot of gadgets are released every month. Artificial intelligence is making our life simple and efficient. AI is used in healthcare, IT etc. Smart robots are used in homes to help in cleaning, serving and other activities.

 If you are true tech geek then you must be loving to keep yourself abreast with day to day tech news and updates. To get all the tech updates you need an information source. Nothing can be better than a tech blog. 

An active tech blog keeps you updated with the gadget news, android updates, smartphone hacks and tips, cyber security tips and more. India has a lot of passionate tech bloggers who keep you updated with interesting tech stuff. 

Let us check some of the best Indian tech bloggers. We have curated the best tech bloggers for you that you can follow. You can also follow them and connect with them on IndiBlogHub platform if you are an aspiring tech blogger or wish to start your own tech blog. 


A Blog for all type of technology stuffs



Bangalore , India

Technology blog for the passionate techies



This Blog serve information about technology.

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

Let's Stay Up To Date

Latest Tech news - Geeky Things - Tips and Tricks


Blogging Triggers

Palakkad , India

Technology and Blogging tips blog

  • By Manoj
Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Calcutta , India



Now Gadgets

Indore , India

It is technology blog, which provides update about new gadgets, how to , laptop deals & much more.



Ranchi , India

Where you can learn about many thing

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

The Geek Technologist

Bangalore , India

Tech & Beyond

  • By Anish

Crawler BuZz!

Kolhapur , India

Its all about Tech, Finance and Digital marketing.

Technology Business & Finance

Techy Feast

Tamluk , India

The Feast of Technology



Kannur , India

Propagating the best of technology!

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing


Delhi , India

All About Technology & Marketing


Khojo Hindi Me

Ham Apki Tenchology, Internet & Education or anya

Technology Education

Gadget Headline

Kolkata , India

Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tips, Reviews

Technology Reviews


लेख जो ज्ञान बढ़ाए

Technology Blogging & Digital Marketing

Tech Mantra

Bangalore , India

Online Latest in Technology Trends


Coding Tag

Gurgaon , India

Online Code Learning-For Free

Technology Education