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Best Technology Bloggers in India (2022)

Technology is ever-changing as there are numerous daily additions in the world of gadgets and devices. Clearly, Technical blogging is definitely a good choice for someone who has a passion for technology. Nowadays, before any consumer decides to purchase a new device or gadget, he or she definitely check for online reviews on various blogs. Many leading tech bloggers review new products as soon as the launch in the market making the audiences aware of its features and worth. Read more...

Technical blogging has a great scope and you can also find many YouTube tech bloggers who are quite successful in this area. Upcoming tech bloggers have a great chance to enter this industry and the key to success here is presenting genuine reviews of any device or gadget. Technical blogging in 2022 is completely relevant and is in fact in a great position offering good success. Therefore, if you are a good critic and have a passion for technology then technical blogging might be your chance to succeed. One must follow the best technology blogs list to observe how bloggers are gaining the attention of audiences and are leading the industry.

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Beardy Nerd DA: 49
Beardy Nerd

Digital Platform about life hacks, NFTs, Metaverse, Crypto, Web 3.0, AI, IOTs

Beardy Nerd

APKhint DA: 6

Here you will find all type of latest and updated new apps and games for android

Bashir Ahmed

Bloggingidol DA: 19

Learn Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Robin Mehta

Infodible DA: 16

Movie News, Bollywood Hindi,Job Recruitment, Latest Online Form, Tech News


Tech Shadow DA: 5
Tech Shadow

Discover various posts related to solutions, guides

Tech Shadow

ThisHosting.Rocks DA: 36

Content related to Web Hosting, Linux, and everything else in between.

David T.

iMod Apps DA: 5
iMod Apps

Free Download all Android Apps, Tools, Games & Much more from here,

Nafas Wali

Computing Skill DA: 5
Computing Skill

The computing skill platform will give you tips and tricks about tech, basic com

computing skill

Reranking DA: 54

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

Faqask DA: 54

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

Nehbi DA: 52

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

submitguest DA: 54

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

konamigroup DA: 60

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

yonoj DA: 52

Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site

Bipin Pandey

AN 1 DA: 7
AN 1

The #1 Mod APK Directory For Games And Apps


Additional Articles DA: 11
Additional Articles

Best Gaming News And Updates And all Upcoming Pro Tips And Tricks


Technology Blogs FAQ

  • How much do tech bloggers make?

    If you want to start tech blogging and think about How much do tech bloggers make? So, it’s Different technical bloggers have different incomes coming directly from their blogs because of the difference in their reach and content quality. Popular technical bloggers who have millions of viewers reading their suggestions are earning a good fortune.

    On the other hand, beginners tend to start earning after a few months of constant efforts and quality content since it takes time to reach more and more audience. In any of the above cases, the quality of the content and genuine reviews remains a constant and the key to popularity.

  • What is a tech blogger?
  • What tech blogs do you follow?
  • How do I start a tech blog?
  • Where can I upload my tech blog?
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