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100+ Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2021

Travel blogging is as much as fun as it sounds and has a great potential in the near as well as distant future. The travel industry has been booming since forever and travel blogs are definitely being benefited by that. There are many travel bloggers in this industry who showcase their creative writing skills by writing about their experiences as well as informing the audience about traveling. Read more...

From solo travelers to luxury travel blogs, the audience enjoys most of them as long as they are equipped with quality content. There is a huge list of famous travel bloggers who are able to achieve a great lifestyle just from their blogs. Travel blogging sure sounds extraordinarily unconventional and adventurous but is no different from other genres that require consistent as well as relevant content.

Travel bloggers are supposed to travel continuously so that they never out of inspiration to create unique blogs to please their viewers with authentic content. There are many travel blogs in 2021 which are flourishing and anybody who looks forward to becoming a travel blogger should give it a chance as there is a lot of scope in this field. With the right skills and art to indulge the audience, you can be one of the best travel bloggers in the world.

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 Tips Clear
Beauty Business Health Tech Travel and General
Tips Clear C Thiruvenkatam 76 53 325.6k
2 Natural top wonder
Natural Top Wonders Travels & Tourism News Portal
Natural top wonder Shiv Kaushik 72 42 6.7M
3 Trekking in Nepal
Nepal Trekking Routes
Trekking in Nepal Miruna Magar 66 34 3.0M
4 Find My Lifestyle
Truly Find Your Focus In Life
Find My Lifestyle Find My Lifesty... 65 25 2.7M
5 Blogsikka
Travel mom blogger
Blogsikka Snehalata Jain 65 39 967.6k
6 Poastoast
Lists, Facts, Viral stories
Poastoast Postoast 65 39 78.9k
7 Tour & Travel Blog
Tour & Travel is a travel related blogging page.
Tour & Travel Blog Jais Frank 59 38 744.2k
8 Buddymantra
Where imigination get words
Buddymantra Amit Kumar 58 45 171.0k
9 Mysterious Trip
Travel blog
Mysterious Trip Travel Guest Po... 57 41 270.6k
10 Krazy Butterfly
Hell Yeah! Give Me My Wings
Krazy Butterfly Veidehi Gite 56 41 2.6M
11 ZestVine
Travel, Entertainment & Lifestyle
ZestVine Zestvine 56 37 284.1k
12 Tour Travel Hotels
Best site for collection Tour Travel Hotels
Tour Travel Hotels C Thiruvenkatam 56 41 2.3M
13 Feels Like Life
A Lifestyle Blog
Feels Like Life Fairytale Studi... 54 35 N.A
14 Cherryclicks
Hi, I am Zaare, a passionate content writer
Cherryclicks Zaare Martin 52 35 2.3M
15 TurtleVerse
Technology, Travel, Health, Entertainment, Busines
TurtleVerse Turtleverse 51 39 258.6k
16 Breathedreamgo
The transformational travel guide
Breathedreamgo Mariellen Ward 51 48 307.0k
17 Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi
All About Travel & Life !
Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi Inside Out With... 50 44 186.7k
18 Assam Guide Travel Blog
Travel Blog in North east india
Assam Guide Travel Blog Himangshu Kalit... 50 35 185.8k
19 The Opinionated Indian
Bollywood news, blind items, fashion, travel
The Opinionated Indian Kartik Murthy 41 36 426.2k
20 Vidya Sury
Collecting Smiles
Vidya Sury Vidya Sury 40 48 134.7k
21 Travtasy
Travel, Food and Lifestyle Blog by Kalyan
Travtasy Kalyan Panja 37 43 743.1k
22 Caleidoscope
Indian Art, Culture and Lifestyle
Caleidoscope Geetha M B 37 39 287.8k
23 The Solo Globetrotter
A travel blog focusing on solo, independent travel
The Solo Globetrotter Reshma Narasing 36 40 489.2k
24 Philipscom
Writings of a multilingual freelance writer
Philipscom Philip Verghese... 35 42 185.2k
25 My Travelogue by Bhushavali
Travel blog
My Travelogue by Bhushavali Bhushavali N 34 49 1.4M
26 Eat Travel Live Repeat blog
Luxury Travel + Budget Travel + Food Travel
Eat Travel Live Repeat blog Arnav Mathur 34 38 1.2M
27 Ana's World
A Travel & Style Blog
Ana Ana Ojha 33 42 695.5k
28 Pikturenama
A travel blog with unusual travel stories
Pikturenama Anindya S Basu 32 39 161.2k
29 On My Canvas
A Personal Growth And Travel Blog
On My Canvas Priyanka Gupta 31 34 575.1k
30 Kohl Eyed Me
A Travel Lifestyle Blog
Kohl Eyed Me Shalini R 30 39 328.1k
31 AllGudThings
Travel & Lifestyle Blog
AllGudThings Suruchi Mittal 30 38 1.6M
32 Travel Melodies
A Family Travel Blog
Travel Melodies Anjali Chawla 29 40 508.6k
33 RailRecipe
Your Travel Food Buddy
RailRecipe Railrecipe 29 26 722.4k
34 Siddharth and Shruti
Offbeat Travel Bloggers
Siddharth and Shruti Siddharth And S... 29 37 3.3M
35 Ticker Eats The World
Travel | Food | Photography | Humor | Life
Ticker Eats The World Raghav Modi 29 35 6.4M
36 Blogging Coffee
A New Trend To Blogging
Blogging Coffee Jai Prakash 28 33 1.1M
37 zarahatkeblog
Its about my thoughts, lifestyle, fashion
zarahatkeblog Manisha Garg 28 36 449.6k
Fashion, travel and lifestyle blog Parimita Chakra... 28 39 6.5M
39 Savorytales
Food and Travel Blog
Savorytales Richa Tiwari 27 27 2.9M
40 MySoulTravels
Luxury Travel and Lifestyle website
MySoulTravels Pujarini Mitra 26 35 N.A
41 Azure Sky Follows
Travel | Food | Lifestyle
Azure Sky Follows Tania Banerjee 26 29 4.5M
42 Explore Share Inspire
A Travel, Food and Lifestyle blog from India
Explore Share Inspire Kalyan Panja 26 20 N.A
43 Nomadic Foot
Get up & Go
Nomadic Foot Danish Akhtar 26 33 342.1k
44 Fantastic feathers
A blog about Parenting, Books and Travel
Fantastic feathers Mahathi A 26 38 3.3M
45 Wanderers Hub
Your Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration
Wanderers Hub Prerna Malhan 25 36 949.1k
46 Backpack & Explore
Make time for travel
Backpack & Explore Sinjana Ghosh 25 38 1.5M
47 Travelogue Connect
Travel & Lifestyle Blog of an Indian Couple
Travelogue Connect Aditi Kapoor Ma... 25 30 3.7M
48 Shalzmojo
Travel & Books
Shalzmojo Shalini Baisiwa... 24 37 942.4k
49 Eagle Fly Free
Travel inspiration from around the world
Eagle Fly Free Roland Vizner 24 22 N.A
50 Vagabond Stories
Travel, food , inspirational
Vagabond Stories Nikita Das 24 28 1.1M
51 Instatravelstyle
Instant Travel, Lifestyle and Culture
Instatravelstyle Sumit Sharma 24 32 800.7k
52 Pack-Ur-Bags
A Trawellbloggers Guide To Explore Life
Pack-Ur-Bags Rajat Chakrabor... 24 33 2.6M
53 Love With Travel
A couple travel blog exploring the world with love
Love With Travel Love With Trave... 23 26 6.3M
54 When The Muse Strikes!
One of India's top lifestyle blogs
When The Muse Strikes! Rahul Prabhakar 23 31 429.7k
55 TravelMock
Wander, Explore, Discover
TravelMock Kshitij Swami 23 33 6.9M
56 List Bark
Listbark is providing latest updates
List Bark List Bark 23 33 309.3k
57 Digitalsumit
Digital Marketer, Travel & LifeStyle Blogger
Digitalsumit Sumit Sharma 23 30 2.8M
58 All Information Den
Blog helps to stay updated with latest information
All Information Den Khushbu 23 21 599.7k
59 Take Off With Me
Say Hello to the World
Take Off With Me Seema Choudhari 23 30 5.6M
60 Trablogger
Live the travel life
Trablogger Jithin S 23 36 N.A
61 Realbharat
Travel, Food, culture, Personalities
Realbharat Amit Gupta 23 32 2.2M
62 Idhika
Travel Information
Idhika Idhika 22 31 6.6M
63 PusakaPusaka
Blog tentang kesehatan alami, wisata dan budaya
PusakaPusaka Jean Darlin 22 31 4.5M
64 DoiBedouin
The Web Chronicles of Two Bedouins
DoiBedouin Jayashree Sengu... 22 34 4.2M
65 Travelmynation
The world is our home!
Travelmynation Archana Bora 21 26 2.3M
66 Spirit Bohemian
India Travel Stories - Be Bohemian
Spirit Bohemian Spirit Bohemian 21 33 N.A
67 Munni of all Trades
Travel and lifestyle blog
Munni of all Trades Khushboo Motiha... 21 39 1.2M
68 A Traveller's Wish List
All about travel, environment & Lifestyle
A Traveller Ambica Gulati 21 35 1.3M
69 SweetAnnu
My blog is a reflection of my life.
SweetAnnu Anahita Irani 21 38 415.2k
70 Travelmynation
The world is our home!
Travelmynation Archana Bora 21 26 2.3M
71 IndiaPalette
Travel experiences in India and other countries
IndiaPalette Antonina 21 32 2.2M
72 Fairytale Studios
Photography | Travel | Blog
Fairytale Studios Fairytale Studi... 21 38 208.2k
73 FoodRavel
It's a Food & Travel blog
FoodRavel Rajat Kumar 20 37 6.3M
Best of TRIPS AND BOOKS in one place
75 Style Over Coffee
A Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Blog from India
Style Over Coffee Sarmistha Goswa... 20 41 1.4M
76 Top 10 Goa
Top Places & Things to do activities in Goa
Top 10 Goa trisha 20 23 4.5M
77 An Urban Nomadic
Travel & Parenting
An Urban Nomadic Mandavi Jaiswal 20 29 2.3M
78 Lavender Orchids
Confluence of books and travel
Lavender Orchids Enakshi Johri 20 34 2.8M
79 Something Know
Best Guest Blogging website
Something Know Kunal 19 25 192.6k
80 Living Swag
Travel, Tech, Entertainment and General
Living Swag Mudaser Naseer 19 35 234.9k
81 Keira's Life
Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blog
Keira Keira Ball 19 33 389.3k
82 Tourist in India
Historic Monuments, Forts, Palaces, Hill Stations
Tourist in India George T. Georg... 19 34 N.A
83 Road Trips
Attempt to portray the rich heritage of India
Road Trips Karthik Prabhu 18 24 5.7M
84 Lance Quadras
A Lifestyle, Travel & Food Blog with a hint of ME!
Lance Quadras Lancelot Quadra... 18 33 2.1M
85 TheHolidayStory
Travel With - The Holiday Story
TheHolidayStory Ruma Dey Baidya 18 28 308.8k
86 Good Travel World
Good Travel World is a multi-niche blog
Good Travel World Shruti Sood 18 27 1.2M
87 trendaroundus
TDS is providing valuable information about travel
trendaroundus Shubham 18 35 183.5k
88 Traxplorers
Travellers & Explorers Blog (Travelling Family)
Traxplorers Supriya Bhardwa... 17 33 5.7M
89 Tech Travel and Life
Tech & Travel blog
Tech Travel and Life Parag Solanki 17 44 5.9M
90 Misfit Wanderers
Redefining Travel
Misfit Wanderers Vipin Gaur 17 27 2.1M
91 Map Camera Travel
Making Memories around the world
Map Camera Travel Krupa Nagda 17 25 3.9M
92 Growing With Nemit
A Mother's Experience and Expedition
Growing With Nemit Neha Sharma 17 37 625.0k
93 JauntingJourneys
Jotting the experience I relished on my trips
JauntingJourneys Mohit Agarwal 17 27 6.5M
94 Worldupclose
Informational blog
Worldupclose Paulomi Dutta 17 29 751.6k
95 Trickyard
Best guest post organic traffic , tips and tricks
Trickyard Trickyard 17 31 870.4k
96 Holidays Hub
A Travel Blog
Holidays Hub Vinod Saini 16 33 2.3M
97 Veloventure
Travel stories between the two wheels.
Veloventure Kanishka 16 14 3.1M
98 HappinessCreativity
Happiness, Creativity & Kindness
HappinessCreativity Akshay Sharma 16 33 868.6k
99 Mr & Mrs Sachdeva
Food. Travel. Marketing.
Mr & Mrs Sachdeva Sneha Himanshu... 16 21 N.A
100 Himalayan Gypsy
Discover The Incredible India!
Himalayan Gypsy Abhishek Sarasw... 16 25 2.0M
101 Desi Travelers
Rediscover India With Us
Desi Travelers Arpita Agnihotr... 16 17 949.8k
102 Shravmusings
The story journal of a kid through his childhood
Shravmusings Suhasini Vijay 16 36 478.0k
103 Me in Me
It's not about just books
Me in Me Maheshwaran Jot... 16 31 6.9M
104 Sampath Menon Writes
Life, Travel inspiration and Tech blog
Sampath Menon Writes Sampath Menon 15 21 3.4M
105 The Clipped Nightingale
Books.. Coffee.. Traveling! What Else?
The Clipped Nightingale Madhuri Palaji 15 29 N.A
106 HolidaysTourTravel
Travel Tour Blog
HolidaysTourTravel Sudip Kumar 15 45 2.0M
107 Wayfarer's Corner
Travel Blog
Wayfarer Bikram Chakrabo... 15 25 6.0M
108 The Lost Lander
Traveling through places and time
The Lost Lander Hitha Nanjappa 15 18 N.A
109 Food N Travel Diaries
Exploring the unexplored. Tasting the untasted
Food N Travel Diaries Ajay Arora 15 20 N.A
110 India Tour & Culture Blog
Indian Tours & Cultures
India Tour & Culture Blog Uday Patel 15 24 N.A
111 Shoestrings On The Move
Travel stories from India
Shoestrings On The Move Dipanwita Chakr... 15 28 4.8M
112 My Travelling Stilettos
Travel & Food - All you need to know!
My Travelling Stilettos Ankita Biswas 15 21 N.A
Crafting memories all over the world
WANDER BIRD Santwona Patnai... 15 24 1.3M
114 Hackytips
Beauty | Travel | Food | Cooking | Entertainment
Hackytips Sanjota Purohit 14 37 301.6k
115 The Tropical Moon
Always have a beatiful story to tell..
The Tropical Moon Shreya Khatwani 14 19 N.A
116 Grubitizer
Food, Travel, Cars & Gadgets - a techie's life!
Grubitizer Pratheek Ponnap... 14 19 N.A
117 Express Unleased
A blog on travel, healthy living & social causes
Express Unleased Shilpi Dutta 14 21 2.5M
118 From The Corner Table
Travel | Tuck In | Talk
From The Corner Table Rapti B 14 25 5.7M
119 The Untourists
Exploring The Beautiful World We Live In
The Untourists Paramvir Singh 14 43 3.8M
120 Wordsmithkaur
Traveler & Foodie by Choice
Wordsmithkaur Harjeet Kaur 14 36 119.7k
121 Food Opium
Food & Travel Blog
Food Opium Kalyon Subbarao 14 31 271.1k
122 Every Corner Of World
A girl who loves travel
Every Corner Of World Pamela Mukherje... 14 24 310.5k
124 Roaming Pirates
Travel, Food, Culture & Lifestyle
Roaming Pirates Shaily Singh 14 33 N.A
125 Lonely Musafir
Travel, Motorcycle rides, Photography and Poetry
Lonely Musafir Lonelymusafir 14 18 4.4M
Konkan Travel Guide Mrunal Konkan 14 26 2.7M
127 TouristBug
TouristBug is a travel guide website of India.
TouristBug Rajendra Kumar... 13 29 1.5M
128 Preeti's Panorama
A blog on Books, Travel, Entertainment
Preeti Preeti Negi 13 32 6.7M
129 The Backpackers Group
India is too big to leave unexplored.
The Backpackers Group Urvesh Bhatt 13 27 6.9M
130 Yatrasblog
A guide to wonderful yatras
Yatrasblog Gayathri Sharma 13 27 5.6M
131 From My Window Seat
Travel Chronicles of a solo female traveller
From My Window Seat Ragini Puri 13 26 N.A
132 Jovial Holiday
Tour and Travel
Jovial Holiday Ranjeet Kashyap 13 18 3.6M
133 Living Herself
Be Yourself, You Deserve It.
Living Herself Dr Richa Mina 13 36 722.4k
134 Tanmoy Biswas
A Telecom Engineer's life, backpacking stories
Tanmoy Biswas Tanmoy Biswas 13 30 N.A
135 The Indian Rover
Travel, Culture, Spirituality and Indology
The Indian Rover Prabhakar Kumar 12 24 N.A
20 DEGREES NORTH Kumar Parameswa... 12 22 228.7k
137 Spoons and Sneakers
A Food and Travel Blog
Spoons and Sneakers Dipali Bhasin 12 32 1.9M
138 The Contemplation of a Joker
It is a lifestyle and a travel blog
The Contemplation of a Joker Manas Mukul 12 30 618.2k
139 My name is Musafir
No Home, No Destination
My name is Musafir Rakesh Kumar 12 26 5.8M
140 Humans Of Uttarakhand
Humans Of Uttarakhand Humansofuttarak... 12 23 6.5M
141 The Pahadi Traveller
Welcome to The Pahadi Traveller .
The Pahadi Traveller Abhishek Yadav 12 25 N.A
142 My Hunger Diary
EBJ: My Hunger Diary
My Hunger Diary Prakhar Kasera 12 28 N.A
143 Travelling Sands
Live the lapse of time!
Travelling Sands R maheswari 12 19 N.A
144 Wanderersplanet
Travel & Adventure
Wanderersplanet Shubham Shukla 11 20 N.A
145 A Mumbai Perspective
Views, News and Reviews you could use
A Mumbai Perspective Sunita Rajwade 11 31 704.8k
146 FunAtTrip
Enjoy and Travel around the world!
FunAtTrip Neeta Sharma 11 21 N.A
147 Kuntala’s Travel Blog
A Traveller’s Paradise
Kuntala’s Travel Blog Kuntala Bhattac... 11 34 106.1k
148 NomadicMun
Explore the world with me
NomadicMun Moon Ray 11 29 137.8k
149 TheLensLady
Travel to Discover Yourself
TheLensLady Susmita Chatter... 11 16 226.3k
150 MyDreamBlog
Blogging & Digital Marketing, SEO, Travel
MyDreamBlog Sovan Das 11 28 N.A
151 Jaipur Stuff
Get all the information and updates on Jaipur
Jaipur Stuff Jaipur Stuff 11 23 870.0k
152 My Travel Story
A blog about my travel experiences.
My Travel Story Parveen Dua 11 18 N.A
153 Exploretours
My Family travels
Exploretours Supriya Kumar M... 11 26 8.2M
154 Thetourplans
Thetourplans is one of the premium tour operators
Thetourplans Sushovan Bhowmi... 11 13 547.8k
155 Himalayan Buff
Travel blog
Himalayan Buff Prateek Bhatt 11 18 3.5M
156 Harstuff Travel
A blog about Budget and Adventure traveling
Harstuff Travel Manu Khandelwal 11 29 406.7k
157 Prince Patni
Tech | Travel | Lifestyle
Prince Patni Prince Patni 11 20 1.2M
158 Experience Northeast India
Travel, Tribes, Culture & Cuisine
Experience Northeast India Agni Amrita 11 19 N.A
Every photo has a smile behind it
IN SEARCH OF SMILE Aditya Narayan... 10 20 7.0M
160 Life Outside the Cubicle
Travel Blog
Life Outside the Cubicle Madhura 10 16 N.A
161 Lifecycletravel
Travel Places
Lifecycletravel Raaj Shome 10 12 N.A
162 Niksbeenhere
A Travel Blog
Niksbeenhere Nikhil Kalwani 10 28 N.A
163 Rah Geer
Visuals | Lifestyle | Travel
Rah Geer Priti Chauhan 10 18 N.A
164 A Wolverine's World
Photography and Travel
A Wolverine Jyotirmoy Sarka... 10 32 6.8M
165 Dream Book The Travel Diary
Dream book my travel experience my view
Dream Book The Travel Diary Ankita Sahu 10 20 N.A
166 Travel India One
Travel blog in India
Travel India One Jai Prakash 10 17 N.A
167 Greed to Read
The divine beauty of nature attracts one and all.
Greed to Read Rahul Mishra 10 17 N.A
168 The Goan Girl Zindagi
An ordinary girl on an extra ordinary journey
The Goan Girl Zindagi Aditi Carapurca... 10 13 N.A
169 Murthy's photo blog
Photo blog with varied topics
Murthy Kvvs Murthy 10 22 N.A
170 Hayyaa Here
Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Hayyaa Here Hayyaa Here 10 23 6.7M
171 Kochi2Ladakh
Consider us your travel companions in India
Kochi2Ladakh Kochi2Ladakh 10 19 3.2M
172 Top Travel Destinations in India
Top Travel Destinations in India
Top Travel Destinations in India George K Abraha... 10 26 N.A
173 Travel & Food Stories
Travel food adventure stories
Travel & Food Stories Abhijeet Das 9 13 7.2M
174 Petite Chronicles
Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle | Travel
Petite Chronicles Sandra Raju 9 25 N.A
175 Meander
In my Book world or by other means roam around
Meander Preethi Krishna 9 17 4.0M
176 Goniks Travel
Travel on the Go
Goniks Travel Goniks Travel 9 18 6.9M
177 Now started
Now started is a website where you get travel tips
Now started Rathva Dineshbh... 9 18 5.8M
178 Blissful Aura
Personal and travel blog
Blissful Aura Abha Singh 9 31 323.5k
179 Ghoomakad
Travel blog of India
Ghoomakad Sahil Singh 9 25 6.6M
180 Neerja's Musings
It is 2 share my journey and experiences of life .
Neerja Neerja Bhatnaga... 8 17 6.2M
181 My India thru' Lenses
A Historical & Cultural Walkthrough of India
My India thru Abhijit Das 8 30 5.7M
182 bnguestblog
Finding Guest blogger for Guest blogging site
bnguestblog Bipin Pandey 8 15 165.0k
183 Drishti Patel
Indias Vision
Drishti Patel Drishti Patel 8 22 N.A
184 Tourism Club
Tourism Club is a hindi Travel & Tourism blog
Tourism Club Wasim Sama 8 22 4.2M
185 yatragraphy
Travel & Photography in Hindi
yatragraphy Anupam Srivasta... 8 26 1.7M
186 The Travel Curry
Travel, photography and lifestyle
The Travel Curry Mithun&shil... 7 14 N.A
187 Hashtagwomanhood
Follow your dreams and Heart
Hashtagwomanhood Priyanka Sengar 7 17 4.2M
188 Travel Tresure
Travel Tresure is a complete travel related blog.
Travel Tresure Husneara Begum 7 20 N.A
189 Indianbesttouristspot
Latest travel information
Indianbesttouristspot Vasandhan 7 15 N.A
190 The 365 Tales
A blog with stories
The 365 Tales Rohit Kothari 7 18 N.A
191 Acesque
Travel, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, Events etc
Acesque Prakhar Kasera 7 29 N.A
192 Musings
Blog on travel and other random thoughts
Musings Lalitha Raghava... 7 22 N.A
193 styleforeverygirl
Fashion tips for every girl
styleforeverygirl Nikita Gharat 7 19 N.A
194 Pahadi Travelers
Travel Blog with Tips and Inspirations
Pahadi Travelers Amit Bisht 6 16 3.7M
195 Travel with Shama
Travel & Food Blogger
Travel with Shama Shama 6 24 N.A
196 I am nomado
Wander and Wonder Travel Stories
I am nomado Sanya S 6 12 208.3k
197 NagaEsque
All Things Nagaland!
NagaEsque Hikithe Achumi 6 10 2.4M
198 Our Nagaland
All Things Nagaland!
Our Nagaland Hikithe Achumi 6 16 2.3M
199 Adventure beam
This site is about travel, and outdoor adventure
Adventure beam Peter Parker 6 14 1.3M
200 Happening Heads
Travel, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech & More!
Happening Heads Happening Heads 6 17 N.A
201 Nomadic Pixels
“Without new experiences, something inside of us
Nomadic Pixels Samanvay Sinha 6 9 N.A
202 EBJ Chronicles
Eight Bit Journey
EBJ Chronicles Prakhar Kasera 5 25 N.A
203 Tracks2Travel
A Collection of Trip Reports, Top 10 Lists, & More
Tracks2Travel Zeeshan Fatmi 5 15 6.7M
204 WanderingBong
Travel with Wandering Bong
WanderingBong Wandering Bong 5 10 N.A
205 OneLife
Lifestyle Blog with a pinch of Randomness !
OneLife Vibhu Gaur 5 21 N.A
206 Notes From The Road
Exploring India
Notes From The Road Manoj 5 25 3.4M
207 Wanderuffles
10 things to do in Spiti valley
Wanderuffles Digdarshineerou... 5 21 7.0M
208 Shivi Blogs
Every Aspect of Life
Shivi Blogs Shivi Blogs 5 14 2.6M
209 Rider Escaped
Rider Escaped Travelogue inspire you to travel.
Rider Escaped Arghya Ghosh 5 19 4.1M
210 kreativans
Let Your Fingers Run For Kreativans
kreativans Rohit Mane 5 28 N.A
211 Explore with Vandy
Travel blog
Explore with Vandy Vandana Singh 5 9 N.A

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Travel FAQs

Travel blogger meaning is someone who has a passion for traveling and who publicizes his or her experience through blogs. Travel bloggers are often called digital nomads as they travel around recording each and every experience. They inform their audience about their traveling experience, budgeting a trip, work as digital guides, explore different cultures, and often spread awareness about environmental issues. There is no limit to what a travel blogger can be as they gather learning experiences with each and every trip and let their audiences experience it as well.

If you are thinking how do I make my travel blog popular? The key to making your travel blog popular is through consistency and quality content. Travel and tourism is a booming industry and will hardly ever go down therefore there is a good chance that more and more people want to know about different places and cultures. As a travel blogger, informing your audience about different places and cultures consistently will definitely make your blog popular and flourishing. A travel blog blossoms when it is informative as well as equipped with good pictures of the scenic beauty which you explore with every trip.

Do you start a travel blog for free in 2021? It is easier than you can imagine. There are several blogging platforms which offer you to start a blog without any monetary investment. These platforms give you an opportunity to showcase your creative skills which can help you to connect with the audience and popularize your blog which will later on give you a regular earning as well. However, starting a blog might be easy but keeping it active and popular is indeed a difficult task. It requires constant passion and efforts to make quality content to engage your viewers and make your blog popular.

What do you write on a travel blog? There are different types of travel blogs that one may choose to write. Many popular bloggers share their personal experiences about the trip they had, some like to inform the audience about the information related to the trip such as the expected budget, best hotels to stay at, popular tourist places, a guide to using local transport, and much more. Travel blogging basically depends upon the kind of audience you are targeting. Different types of readers are interested in different content and you must analyse your audience before writing your blogs.

Want to know how do travel bloggers earn money? The travel bloggers generally make money through collaborations with different brands and promoting various services as well as products. These collaborations are generally beneficial either in form of cash or kind. Sometimes a blogger is offered a free stay in return for promoting staying at a particular hotel. Moreover, a travel blogger also earns money through the blog and this definitely depends upon the number of readers he or she has. The more the number of readers you have the more will be your earning.

How much do travel bloggers get paid? It just like all the other types of blogging genres, earning potential in travel blogging differs widely. Some established bloggers are able to earn millions and live a luxurious lifestyle. However, beginners generally tend to earn less as it takes time to build an audience when it comes to blogging. It takes an immense amount of patience and hard work to gain a regular income from your blog and once you have reached that potential you can even expect better collaborations and brand promotions.

Starting travel blogging and don’t know what kit/equipment travel bloggers use? So travel blogging is all about creating content related to visiting different places and exploring different aspects of a culture or place. Therefore, in travel blogging, it is important to take good pictures to attract the audience to a certain destination. For this, travel bloggers often carry good cameras that are handy as well as click beautiful pictures. Some bloggers often carry microphones with them to record audio information in places where there might be disturbances. Most of the travel bloggers suggest carrying lightweight luggage to make your trips hassle-free.

Are you thinking can I actually make money with a blog? So yes, yes, and yes! You can actually make money and that too good money with a blog! There are numerous bloggers in the industry who are able to sustain a good lifestyle just because of their blog. Blogging is a booming industry and is not going down anytime soon therefore there are good chances to earn money with a blog. It may seem like a tedious task initially but once you start earning money from scratch you get a good amount of motivation to continue and after a few months, you will be surprised to see how much money you can make with your creative skills.