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Can I have my Wordpress blog's subdomain hosted on Blogger.com?

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Pritam Paul

Pritam Paul

9 months ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Insurancenard   

Hello, I have a blog hosted on WordPress. Now, I want to make blog on blogger using subdomain of my main domain hosted on WordPress.

Now problem is when I edited my CNAME for my subdomain in GoDaddy and added Google host everything goes fine. But blog doesn't open.

[Note: I know how to create a subdomain and host it either on blogger or WordPress]

Now you maybe thinking why I want to make blog using my subdomain in blogger instead of WordPress being having access to cpanel?
And: Reason is the work which I want to do, it will be better on blogger rather than WordPress. Moreover, I don't want to buy a new domain for that purpose.
Please help I need you expert guys support. Am totally pissed off since from last 48 hours. Trying and failing. Did all trial and error method but no results. Even I searched whole YouTube and Google though no result. Please help and put some light into it. Thanks hood night

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Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv Agrawal

9 months ago     |    Owner of 4 Blog(s): SquareQuotes    Pro News Zone    Apoorv Agrawal's    EzyStudy   

Hey! Please follow this guide i Wrote Host Custom Sub Domain of WordPress in Blogger  hope it helps you!

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