Changed my blog's URL, SEO is screwed up. What now?

I changed my Blog post URLs as it had year and date in it, now all my old URLs show 404 now. Anything I can do now?

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  • Latha Lukose 2 years ago

    Hi Prabha have you resolved this?

    Just run an seo audit ( free - search online)

    Find all broken links

    Map old to new links

    Use a 301 plugin to fix these.

    I would recommend checking in Google webmaster - it shows 404 properly as well.

    If there are certain links you no longer want, you can let google know via webmaster

  • Niharika Verma 2 years ago

    If you are using blogger, go to blogger settings and select "Search Preferences". 

    Click on Custom Redirect and Enter both, old and new URL in "From" and "to". 

    This usually helps when you need to fix one URL at a time. 

  • Sayeri Bhattacharya 2 years ago

    Dont worry, place 301 redirection always so that those 404 urls would redirect to the new urls and link juice will also be pass on to the new urls. For wordpress, you will get plenty of plugins for this redirection.

  • Ruma Dey Baidya 2 years ago

    Hi Prava

    If you are using wordpress, it can be done with a simple plugin called redirecton. Put your 404 link on source and put the new link on the destination. Thats it. No need to warry about ..

    Hope it helps


  • Ritu Sharma 2 years ago

    Hi Prabha,

    Do 301 redirect your old links to new links. the 404 error will solve.

  • Tirthankar Bose 2 years ago

    Hi Prabha,
    For this, you have t do a 301 redirect. Its not that hard if you have the htaccess file of your website.
    It's hard to mention everything out here step by step, so referring a video from youtube.

    301 Redirect WordPress - How To Create 301 Redirect with a Plugin

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