From Jan 15th, Only Active Bloggers will be Promoted across the Platform

Hi Everyone,

    So its been more than 2 years since IndiBlogHub (Earlier named as SkillInfinity) is up and running. Within this duration 5K+ bloggers/social Influencers have registered and took benefit from the platform either in monetary term or connecting with bloggers or both.

But with this few bloggers/users thought it just another blog directory by submitting their blog and not active here. Some of them not even replying to the bloggers/users email for any kind of guest post opportunity where they already listed their blog. So its time we will only show Bloggers that have been active on the platform and regularly replies to email oppurtunity if arises.

Criteria & Benefit on being active on the platform:

1. To get listed in the directory for exposure, connecting with brands & users, direct business opportunities: Blogs must add min 5 posts every month under each blog(s) listed on the platform or atleast login once a month. This makes sure the blog is active and readers/followers stay upto date with  the content.  So After each months end system will automatically check these parameters and hide blogs that are not active.  

2. Widget won't be updated anymore if blog remains inactive.

3. No Campaign alert/business opportunity/message from any user either for Guest posts or Collab will be sent to your registered email address.

4. Guest Posting Sites: Profile will be removed from Free Guest posting sites as well if blog is not active. A lot bloggers had complained in past that blogs listed there don't reply even though  they accepting free guest posts on their blog(s).    

Basically an inactive blog profile will e nothing but just a listing without any benefit. And if listing is inactive for more than 3 months, it will be removed from our database. All this is done to make this platform more interactive, useful and worth for ones that actually want to be in blogging.

Share your thoughts on this and anything else we can add/improve to make it worth

Till then. #KeepBlogging

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  • Sovan Das 1 month ago

    yes, here many bloggers have, who are not active, 

  • Vinod 2 months ago

    my blog  DA is 13 but still in this website show 12 . how time to take updated

  • Rajesh Kumar 2 months ago

    Nice rules. Implement it and it will help the active members here.

  • Dr.amrita Basu 2 months ago

    These are good rules.It will keep the platform relevant, growing.Plus help  bloggers and brands both.Looking forward to better quality of engagements.

  • Philip Verghese 'ariel 2 months ago

    Hi Team,

    That's indeed a good step you have taken.

    Yes activity is the key here.

    Let's communicate and be active in the days ahead.

    All the best.



  • Roland Vizner 2 months ago


    adding min 5 posts per month is way too much.

    Only proffesional bloggers, who try to make their living blogging, will produce this anmmount. Other will drop out or produce lower quality just to keep up with requirement.

    E.g. travel bloggers do not travel all the time and thus do not produce all the time. I travel 2-3x a year, can produce a few articles after every trip, but not 60 of those per annum (keeping the quality reasonable)

    Thus I would suggest blogger as active if he/she produces minimum one or two articles per month, not more than that.

    Rahul Gupta 2 months ago

    Roland Vizner  right. Updated the info

    Roland Vizner 2 months ago

    Rahul Gupta  Would be  welcome if criteria were clear and transparent.  5 posts is cruel, but transparent rule. Saying "There will be a lot more while calculating..." ads a lot of ambiguity

    Rahul Gupta 2 months ago

    Roland Vizner  Agreed and apart from this there are another checks also like how many visits monthly. If the blogger is active there, our system will consider that too

    5 posts is not the only criteria. There will be a lot more while calculating if a profile is really active or not



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