How to get Organic Traffic in a Motivational & Inspirational Niche Blog?

How to get Organic Traffic in a saturated niche. I have a blog where I post Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Articles, and Short Stories. I have seen mostly USA bloggers dominate this particular niche. I am not getting any organic traffic. I have started this blog as per my hobby but now I want to monetize it properly and want to rank higher in search engines. Is there anyone who could help me to boost my site rankings.
One more request to you, please visit my blog and share your opinion with me about the quality of my articles. It would be a great help for me.
Thanks to everyone.

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  • Subhranil Naskar 1 year ago

    Dear Laxminarayan Gupta

    I will suggest converting your blog from blogger to WordPress. It will works lot more batter then current. 
    Otherwise, you will be stuck in ranking.

  • Laxminarayan Gupta 2 years ago

    Dear Jaimin Brahmbhatt and Rahul Gupta, 

    Thanks for your kind support. 

    I am using blogger currently, so it's not possible for me to use more than 1 image in my article, as loading speed might be slower.  I had created this blog to test my writing skills in starting days. I had no intention to monetize it but now I want to monetize it properly and get higher search rank.

    I will try to get low difficulty keywords for my blog to get higher rankings. If you have an idea do suggest me How to get low difficulty keywords with moderate monthly search volume. It will be a great help for me. I have searched on Google Keyword Planner but it doesn't show the difficulty of keywords.

    Thanks again for making this beautiful platform. 

    Regards  MotivationJet



  • Rahul Gupta 2 years ago

    I have gone through blog. Articles are well written and pointed but its missing something.

    You see the niche you choose, you should focus more promoting your content/article on instagram & pinterest.

    Also use images for each quote instead of text. You can use which allow free banner/quote creating in few minutes.

    Quotes having images make more impact than simple text. Also try writing posts on some good motivational speakers and personalities like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Google CEO and other like these. Users are more itnerested to know about them or read their quotes.

    Good luck with your blogging career. 

  • Jaimin Brahmbhatt 2 years ago

    Yes I have checked your blog it is well written I would suggest you work on low competition high search keywords

    You can try that using google keywords planner to see trends how your keyword will work and set according to it 
    You can also try Yoast SEO plugin if you are using Wordpress. Make sure first line of your article clears rough idea what it is going to provide so that users will click in search and it will rank higher. 

    There are many more stuffs You should start posting accordingly if need anymore help just feel free to ping me

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