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My blog feed is not working. when opnened shows error

Prasad Maitra

Prasad Maitra

1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): BloggerPrasad   

Hi, everyone my blog feed url is https://bloggerprasad.com/feed/. It was fine working for from begining. But I moved with the Https integrating with cloudflare. It didn't seem to work or load. I have tried changing the feed burner registered URL to htpps which was http before. Can anyone help me with the issues am facing? Becuase of this I have to add each post manually on blog directories submission website. Please let me know, if you guys find out the cause?


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Jaideep Khanduja

Jaideep Khanduja

1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Pebble In The Still Waters   

Yes, you need to submit each post manually. Else, open each post in https in edit mode and save it. If your posts are getting submitted automatically, it will be done.

Another way is to use a redirect. redirect each post in http to https.

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