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  • Jyoti Kundnani 29 days ago

    You are right Maheshwaran Jothi  ji. The DA belongs to Domain.... that's why we call it Domain Authority.  The  customized domain take much of time to reach higher DA. 

  • @Maheshwaran Sir

    Thats true Sir , even google keeps on changing its indexing algorithm so quickly , so there is no such thing as perfect SEO .For e.g.  very  recently google introduced new codes to be mentioned for sponsored posts .

    Besides, of course Sir , I have & would always take your feedback as guidance only .  

    And Please do  through our travel Blogs  :) 

  • Maheshwaran Jothi 1 month ago


    First thing first. My response was no way to demean the amount of effort you have made. If there was no passion or effort from your side, you will not be where you are today! Congrats.

    And I do appreciate for taking my response in the right spirit.

    My point is - the DA, Alexa etc you quoted initially is definitely not the right metrics to measure the sub-domain (in this specific case).

    To cut it short here is an example of one of my blog http://blogboosterindia.home.blog 

    Just check the stats for DA, PA, Alexa for this and you will be surprised. To add to your surprise, you can see when was the last time I have updated this site.

    But still, the DA=71, PA=42, Alexa=3880(global) - 1232(India)

    Hope you get the point.

    We are all here to learn. Digital technology is one where the seniority or whatever experience we had can be wiped off in just one second. Tech changes so quick :)

    Maheshwaran Jothi

  • @Maheswaran Sir - Hello Sir . First of all accept my sincere greetings as I have been following your write ups for quiet some time and have learnt a lot from them.  So thank you very much for that Sir.

    Now coming to your question, Yes Sir , DA belongs to main domain and you very rightly said that all subdomains under main domain will have same DA . And in my case all sub-domains under travel.blog will have DA-42 but I would like to Highlight following facts :

    1. When a main domain grows , every single sub-domain has small or large role in same . And I on my part has contributed 100+ posts  to the main domain and hence I have my own share of contribution to main domain.

    2. Whenever ones wants to see how strong or credible a sub-domain is , Page Authority is the correct guide when one is looking at reporting and ranking potential. And my home page’s Page authority is 38 which I humbly don’t think is too bad .

    3. As for switching to my own main domain is concerned, I have already done that Sir . I have my own main domain too insideoutwithrahulyuvi.com  which is relatively new having a DA -17 and PA-27 which now presently re-directs to sub-domain only. I very well have plans for that too ,infact I am working on its SEO specifically (you may like to check its growth over last 1 year using Semrush or Ahref or Moz ) but that process will take time.

    4. Moreover Sir ,  there are a number of other parameters besides DA to judge a Blog’s growth  . I would request you to please go through the yearly stats of my Blog below :

    1. 2016

    Views -148 ; Visitors - 105 ; likes - 0

    2. 2017 

    Views - 3038  ; Visitors - 1866 ; likes - 273


    Views - 10.1K ;  Visitors - 5574 ; likes - 437

    4. 2019 (till date)

    Views -18.8K ; Visitors - 9285 ; likes - 397 

    * Exact Data as shown by Wordpress Stats

    On a concluding note , I just want to say Sir , that while there is no substitute for experience & seniority and you are way too senior than me so I obviously won’t argue with you rather , I would humbly like to request you to please go through my blog and my write ups (other than Guest posts). I am sure that you would appreciate the time ,effort and passion that must have gone into it .   

    Look forward to receive  your guidance and support Sir . Thanks again ! :) 




  • Maheshwaran Jothi 1 month ago


    Not to disappoint you. But isn't it the DA is associated with the main domain? In this case, it is under travel.blog. So, any sub-domain under travel.blog is going to have the same DA.

    Same way, any subdomain under home.blog is going to be all with DA as 71.

    Don't take me wrong, you do have a wonderful blog and beautiful posts, and for sure invested good amount of effort. Kudos for that.

    I sincerely believe you should put effort and move to your own domain. I see a good opportunity for your success.

    Good luck, cheers.

    Maheshwaran Jothi

  • Sovan Das 1 month ago


    Mr. Rahul From IndiBloghub Really Awesome Guy,

    Thank You For Such Awesome Article,



  • Hi 

    I am Rahul Sharma fron the Blog Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi . When I first joined Indibloghub , it was known as Skill Infinity . At that time , this platform  was new & so was I as a blogger . SEO parameters of my Blog's URL at that time read as following :

    DA- 02 ; PA- 01 ; Moz rank - 1 ; Alexa Rank (Global ) - 32 lacs ; Social Reach - 5.5k

    And today, after almost 2 years with indibloghub , my Blog's Parameters stand as under :

    DA- 42 ; PA-38 ; Moz Rank - 3.7 ; Alexa Rank (Global ) - 76K ; Social Reach - 18 k

    While there was a time when I used to approach people to host & publish my post on their website , today I get on an average 2 requests per day to publish guest posts . Earlier I used to approach big names , by god's grace , tables have turned to some extent now as many established names approach me to work with them . Very Humbly , I would like to share the accolades bestowed of my blog so far :

    Awards & Accolades for Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi

    Obviously it has taken a whole lot of consistent effort and perseverance spread over more than 24 months to reach here but honestly , I owe atleast half of my credit to Indibloghub and to its owner - Mr. Rahul Gupta . Believe me , I hadn't even heard of the term SEO before I joined Indibloghub & started interacting with Rahul . 

    Since I am a Civil Engineer  & not the one from computers background , so these terms like backlinks , google algorithm , HTML codes etc used to appear like some alien world's jargon but today though not an expert , but I am pretty confident about handling SEO part for website as a whole , all thanks to Rahul with whom I had multiple lengthy discussion over phone where he would explain each & every SEO concept to me patiently , without charging a single penny till date.

    On the concluding note, I would say that  yes, the content is definitely the king but still ,  based on my experience gained after publishing 100 +  posts now , I can straightway say that even if you have got the best content , you still need to learn SEO skills to market your articles and there's no better platform to get oneself equipped with basic concepts of blogging  than indibloghub - both for the beginners as well for Pros .

    Thank you Indiblog Hub & Thank you dear Rahul , for helping me reach to a scale where I am honoured to share my story as a "Success Story " . 

    And thank you to all the readers for the continuos support .

    I would be the Happiest to have you all visit my Blog here :

    If you want to discuss anything with me or know more, comment here and i will revert back soon

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