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New Blog - feedback needed

Review My Blog
Soumil Arora

Soumil Arora

1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Motorsport Blog   

Hello All,

I am a Motorsport Blogger.
Kindly give me feedback about new design and functionality of the blog.
and my youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/soumilaroradotcom

Best Regards

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Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

1 year ago     |    Owner of 2 Blog(s): Election Tamasha    TrendPickle   

Hi Soumil,

You blog has good design but the speed of the blog is little slow. You may work on it so that it can load a little faster, this will also help in SEO..

Nice to connect!

Ashish Gupta




1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): GetsetflySCIENCE   

Hello Soumil,

I support Ashish review, he talked about very important points. I just want to add few points. Your blog speed is needed to be fixed. I think the main issue is image optimization. Use compress images and try to use a lazy load image loader that will help you a lot. 


Anup Das


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