Will SEO impact if hosting has been changed & blog design is revamped?

I have recently revamped by blog design, the domain remains the same, hosting has been changed.Will it impact the link wherever I have placed earlier.

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  • Dibakar Bala 2 years ago


    No, it won't effect your Backlinks at all.

    Just make sure all your previous pages and blogs are available at the same link.

    If not, then put a 301 redirect from the old 404 broken link towards the revamped version of the post.



    SEO Consultant & Expert

  • Kalyon Subbarao 2 years ago

    It will not affect your blog link as the entire hosting will shift to the new hosting company you have taken up. Uitnl you change the CMS of the blog the SEO will be effected to certian extent, Also see to that the down time  is very marginal while migrating to the new hosting server so that it does not effect your SEO, also take server which is relaible and gives good bandwidth, otherwise it does not effect your link.

    Have gone a bit over the purview of the question. Hope this helps.


    Kalyon Subbarao

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