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Review My Blog

Review My Blog


1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): GetsetflySCIENCE   

Hello All,

I am a Science Blogger.
Kindly give me feedback about design and functionality of the blog.

Best Regards

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1 year ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Modonika   

Hey Anup,

Hope you doing great. I found your blog interesting. Left a comment.
Theme is required to be changed. It's not catchy.  Arrange your content in the left side. 
The writing style is good. 

One more suggestion add a category of science gifts too. It will help people to get gifts idea for their science lovers.
Keep going.


Tirthankar Bose

Tirthankar Bose

1 year ago     |    Owner of 2 Blog(s): ThePoorNomad    Easy Tech Tools   

Your blog seems interesting.
However, would suggest you to get a good WordPress theme.
Try to add a footer.

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