WordPress vs. Blogger - Which one is Better?

I want to start a new blog. Should i go with WordPress or Blogger.

Please help me as i am confused. Let me know the Pros and cons of using each

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  • Rahul Gupta 4 months ago

    For a professional blogger, there is absolutely no doubt that Wordpress is the winner with thousands of plugins and best features but I think that for hobbies blogger or some one looking at free options for blogging, blogger still rules the market at least for those who also want to earn some money from their blog

  • Kamodh Singh 11 months ago
    you can choose self hosted wordpress.org because it's provide full control

  • Md Qureshi 2 years ago

    wordpress is better than blogger for its customization and awesome use of plugin

  • Vaibhav Kulkarni 2 years ago

    WordPress is always better plus go with WordPress.Org self hosted website as it has lots of features to customise.

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