July 11th, 2024

What Is Direct Traffic in Google Analytics?

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Hitha Nanjappa
3 years ago Selected
If a reader/ visitor arrives at your site directly (either directly from a search result or by typing in your blog name in a search engine) and NOT by clicking any link to content on your site from another site, it is called direct traffic.
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Manish Singh Bisht
1 year ago Selected
In Google Analytics, direct traffic refers to the visitors that come to your website by typing the URL directly into their browser, or by clicking on a bookmark. Direct traffic can also include traffic from untagged campaigns, or from any source that Google Analytics cannot identify.

When a user types a website's URL directly into their browser or clicks on a bookmark, the referral information is not passed on to the website. As a result, Google Analytics is unable to identify the source of the traffic, and it is classified as direct traffic.

It's worth noting that direct traffic is not always 100% accurate, as sometimes, Google Analytics is unable to identify the source of the traffic, and it may be classified as direct traffic, but it could be coming from another source.

To check the direct traffic in Google Analytics, you can go to the Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels report, where you will be able to see the percentage of direct traffic among the other traffic sources. You can also see the direct traffic in the 'Overview' report under the Acquisition section.
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