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Keyword prominence means the placement of a keyword, to optimize ranking in google and SEO.
For example let say you have the keyword "best amoled mobiles" in an article. In your article you write :
- 4 paragraphs
- 2 heading
- 1 summary

so, if you add the keyword in the heading then prominence is good, but if you keep in the last paragraph or ending summary prominence is bad. Prominence does not depend on a number of keywords, but the placement of keywords.
In short, the sooner a keyword is found, the more chances of ranking content in google. So, keep keywords at the beginning or middle rather than the end of the article.
3 months ago   1
Balvinder Singh I thought if keyword placed across article won't impact as Google scan page fully.
Will surely make changes to old articles
3 months ago   1
Thanks, answering helps to learn more myself
3 months ago   1
Keyword Prominence or Keyword Placement, when you do an article writing, the place where you add the keyword is called Keyword Prominence. From the point of view of Search Engine Optimization, it is very important to have the Keyword in the right place. If a keyword is not in the right place then it has no value.
24 days ago   0
The placement of keywords in the article is called keyword prominence. While writing the post, keep in mind where the keyword should be written. By writing in the wrong place, instead of being a Traffic Increase, it should not be a Decrease.
2 months ago   1

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