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SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. The main/landing page with the search results (list of links to multiple websites) that you see after you have typed a search query in a search engine is called as SERP.
Ranking in a search engine depends on which page of the SERP your blog features in. So, every content creator aims to be on the first page and puts all SEO effort to reach there. Lesser the SERP page no., higher is your content ranking (this is the general perception).

That's why SERP is important.
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SERP is for "Search Engine Result Page," while Ranking stands for "Position." Simply said, SERP Ranking refers to an article's or blog post's position on a search engine result page.

When someone types a search phrase into Google, it returns thousands or hundreds of results, however the first page used to only show 13 results. Everyone aspires to be on the top page of results.

The rank of a blog post result is described as the SERP Ranking in SEO since the position or rank is determined by the performance of Search Engine Optimization.

A good SEO may help a blog article get a better ranking (result), which is the main game that any optimizer tries to win. Better content, better keywords, and better authority links are utilized in the SEO game to result in material that is quickly indexed in the knowledge graph and ready to appear in the SERP based on audience searches utilizing the keywords used in the content.

So, SERP Ranking in SEO is a fun game where you may get the greatest results if your SEO is on point and your result ranks first, second, or third in the first SERP.

I hope that these ideas helped to explain the phrase you used in your query.

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