Interview with Danish Akhtar: Founder of Nomadic Foot, a Travel blog
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Interview with Danish Akhtar: Founder of Nomadic Foot, a Travel blog

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1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Blog?

I was born in Nagina, a small town in Uttar Pradesh India. I belong to a family of transporters or you can say drivers we are in this transport business since my grand father. My father is a truck driver so i have this traveling virus in my blood. I started traveling with my father on a truck as a assistant to him. So i have changed heavy tires of truck, i have traveled for nights and days on Indian roads. I always enjoyed these days of trucking there was lot of fun and learning.

So i decided on that time only that i need to see this world but not with a truck, I wanted to make those journeys a bit more comfortable and easy in terms of luxury and having some good experience. Education was the first step towards this plan. So i completed my graduation and came to Delhi and got admission in University of Delhi for my further study of post graduation.

2. What did you do before Blogging? What inspired you to start blogging?

I Passed out from University of Delhi in 2012 with a post graduation diploma in travel and tourism management and decided that I needed to get some sort of career in that I can travel the world and could earn some smart amount of money. So that I m here running a travel company named Edu Travel beside that writing my experience of travelling which can help people.

3. As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you overcome it?

The best thing about blogging is that there are a variety of visitors that will happen to read your words. They may be of different cultures, religions or might prefer different writing styles. If some users do not write the style of your writing, it is not your problem. If every blogger would use the same writing style, the art would cease to exist.

Develop a thick skin against hate comments and continue with your journey of blogging. Use the criticism you get along the way to get better. Try reading more and more blogs of well-renowned bloggers.

4. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in your journey so far as a Blogger?

Still yet to come

5. Have you worked/collaborate with brands? If yes, name few brands you worked with

Tata Motors, Store Super99, Kotak Bank, Ola Cabs.

6. What is your primary income source?

Guest Post and Backlinks.

7. Top 3 Blogging tools that you would recommend to your readers?

1. Wordpress
2. Social Media
3. Consistency.

8. One piece of advice that you would like to share with all new bloggers?

Do not think about money. keep on writing quality content one money will come to you.

9. Finally, what are your thoughts about IndiBlogHub?

Skill Infinity is such a great platform for emerging bloggers. It gives blogger a exposure to the brands. which is a difficult task for new bloggers.

As a advise try to connect with hotels and resorts to review their properties. It will give a opportunity to bloggers to travel.