Interview with Sayeri Bhattacharya : Founder of The Sayeri Diary, a Fashion, Lifestyle & Parenting Blog
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Interview with Sayeri Bhattacharya : Founder of The Sayeri Diary, a Fashion, Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

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1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Blog?

Being a working woman I get to meet new challenges in every phase of my life. Sometimes, it’s all about how to maintain a healthy life despite working in the corporate world and many times it is all about how to schedule my weekends that allow me to spend some quality time with my family.

My emotions, thoughts, and my experience especially as a mother are compiled as SayeriDiary. Here, I talk about the latest fashion, Bollywood stories, film reviews, lifestyle and lots more that you can also relate to your life. From parenting tips to makeup guides to bridal brochures, everything I jot down and show the real pictures on this platfrom.

In a nutshell, SayeriDiary focuses on the lifestyle of a modern mother who lives life to the fullest.

2. What did you do before Blogging? What inspired you to start blogging?

I am a digital marketing professional with more than 7 yrs of experience.For my job, I do care of the PR part for my company and for that I have got the opportunity to come closer to the bloggers. My fellow bloggers are my inspiration.

3. As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you overcome it?

The main challenge is timing. I am working so its really difficult to manage home, office and my blog. You know, your blog should be updated and you have to promote your blog if you want to see your name in the top list.

I do promotion for my clients but for myself I have no time. To overcome that I have to leave my job that i cant do right now.

4. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in your journey so far as a Blogger?

I have selected as a blogster by fbb. I got featured by some magazines and blogs. And I have got chance to work with some big brands too.

5. Have you worked/collaborate with brands? If yes, name few brands you worked with

Yes, brands like Cadbury, fbb, VLCC, Paperboat, IndiaRush, Qtrove etc

6. What is your primary income source?

My job

7. Top 3 Blogging tools that you would recommend to your readers?

Alexa checking and DA, PA checking tool, Google analytics and webmaster

8. One piece of advice that you would like to share with all new bloggers?

Dont think about money and brand collabs. Just write good fresh and unique contents, decor your blog and take care of your blog like a baby. The more it will grow the more you will get exposure. Because end of the day content is the real king.

9. Finally, what are your thoughts about IndiBlogHub?

This is really a good platform. I am a blogger and for my job I play the role of a brand too. So both way it is an amazing platform. Here the menu section is so good. One can easily get the bloggers based on categories, all they are paid or not, high DA bloggers everything is clearly mentioned.

A badge can be added with a score, that will be a score given by Skill Infinity to the bloggers based on their blog performance.