January 03rd, 2024


12 DYSON AIRWRAP DUPES TO SHOP THIS HOLIDAY SEASON WWD [Z9HSYB] british brand ghd is known for its healthy hair technology none of its tools get so hot that they ll damage your hair but this oval barreled styling wand makes putting waves in your hair so quick and easy your strands won t feel the heat for very long anyway it s the ideal lazy girl solution let your hair air dry then wrap random strands around the barrel you ll get the kind of loose textured bouncy waves you can get from the airwrap when you take the time to master the technique with practically zero effort it even has a cool tip like the dyson to ensure you don t burn your fingers in the process ===================== ===================== Get Airwrap MultiHair Styler Here Get Airwrap MultiHair Styler Here ===================== ===================== just like the revlon pro collection one step dryer volumiser above this isn t a full airwrap dupe as it can t create tight curls and doesn t come with the paddle brush attachment needed for sleek straightener styles most dyson airwrap dupes don t use the coanda effect which uses swirling airflow to make your hair cling to the curler the shark does and that means it s the closest rival to the dyson it also means it s one of the most expensive rivals too these airwrap barrel dupe attachments for dyson supersonic work pretty much the same as the actual airwrap barrels they use the same coanda principle air dynamic laws to attract hair and wrap it around the barrel for curling of corse the execution of the actual geometry and technology of the barrel is sub par in comparison to the dyson airwrap the coanda effect does not word as good as on the dyson airwrap system
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