January 03rd, 2024

30- Minute Yoga for Beginners | Praveen Yoga Academy

The ultimate goal of Yoga for Beginners is to establish a friendly and accessible space where anybody, regardless of fitness level or confront level, can safely begin their yoga journey. By gradually increasing their strength, flexibility, and mental focus, participants create the stage for a fulfilling and long-lasting yoga practice that can improve their overall health.

Basic Yoga Poses (Asanas):
  • Start with foundational poses that are easy to grasp for beginners.
  • Focus on proper alignment, breathing, and the benefits of each pose.

Breath Awareness (Pranayama):
  • Introduce simple breathing exercises to enhance awareness and control of breath.
  • Highlight the connection between breath and movement.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques:
  • Incorporate moments of mindfulness and relaxation throughout the session.
  • Teach techniques such as guided meditation or Savasana (corpse pose) for stress reduction.

Adaptability and Modifications:
  • Encourage participants to listen to their bodies and make necessary modifications.
  • Provide variations for different fitness levels and body types.
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