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Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

1 year ago
Uday Vilas Palace

Everyone can be attracted by the rich design of this palace. This palace is the main attraction of Dungarpur. Traditional Rajput architecture, arches, its balconies and windows can be seen in the Uday Vilas Palace. Now this palace has now been converted into a hotel. You can stay in this palace and get the opportunity to stay in the grand Rajasthani palace.

Gabsagar Lake

This temple reflects the splendid craftsmanship of the famous sculptors of Dungarpur, who have built some magnificent temples in this temple complex in a very attractive way. By coming here, tourists can make their journey even more enjoyable by taking a boat ride. It is one of the major tourist destinations. Which was built by Maharaja Gopinath.

Juna Mahal

It is one of the major historical places of Rajasthan. Juna Mahal. The blue colored parewa stone has been used in this palace, which has been used to decorate the arches, windows and pillars. Juna Mahal has a very attractive structure, which is full of towers, watch, marrow corridors and fortifications. Juna Mahal has been used to make this structure which is considered unique in the world.