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Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

1 year ago
1: Devi Temple

Devi Temple is included in the sightseeing places of Panipat, which is situated on the banks of the big pond of Panipat. The people here consider this temple as a local deity. This temple is very attractive which attracts tourists. This religious tourist place is a rare diamond on the supernatural land of Panipat. Whenever you go on a trip to Panipat, do not forget to do Goddess Darshan.

2: kala Amb

One of the places to visit in Panipat is a place called Kala Amb. It is believed that when the third battle of Panipat took place between the Marathas and the Afghans, the land and the surrounding forests had all turned black due to the blood shed in the battle and the fruits of the mango trees were also black. they were finished. Hence the name of this place came as Kala Amb. This place gives a feeling of great bliss. We must definitely visit this place of Panipat once in life. Every year in Kala Amb, a program is organized for the brave soldiers.

3: Panipat Meusum

Panipat Museum is one of the major tourist places to visit in Panipat. This is a historical museum in which the details and large pictures of all the battles in the history of Panipat are kept. You will get to see the pictures of many kings, maharajas and brave warriors in this museum. This historical place attracts tourists to itself. There are also pictures of many weapons in the Panipat Museum, which makes you aware of the history of Panipat.