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Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

1 year ago
Chandreh Shaiv ​​Temple and Math

This temple was established by Prabodh Shiva, the guru of the Chedi rulers, who belonged to the famous Shaivite sect called Matta-Mayur, for spiritual practice and propagation of Shaivism. In which there are two ancient Sanskrit inscriptions related to its construction period. The Chandreh Shaivite temple is located near the confluence of the Son and Banas rivers and is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. This temple is at a distance of about 60 km from the Persil resort.

Son Gharial Sanctuary

A total area of ​​210 km comprising 161 km of Son river, 23 km of Banas river and 26 km of Gopad river was declared as a sanctuary in 1981. Son Gharial Sanctuary was established under Project Crocodile for conservation and population growth of Gharial. About 101 bird species recorded in the sanctuary make it rich in aquatic and bird biodiversity.

Parsili Resort

Persili Resort, situated on the banks of river Banas in Majhauli block of the district, boasts of a beautiful view of sandy beaches and greenery. It is situated at the starting point of Sanjay National Park and Tiger Reserve and is famous for barefoot walks, safaris and bird watching on the sand beach.