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The main reason behind not getting the desired result can be choosing the wrong niche. The niche you decided to work upon might not be appropriate for you. Like I told in previous post ( ), every other guy wants to run his tech blog. He thinks that he has a little knowledge about some gadgets and he will get success in tech blogging. But hold on!! Having a little knowledge is not enough in today's time and that too when Blogging has become so so competitive.

Don't just opt for a niche your friend is working on. Everyone is looking for blog niche that makes money.

It is very important to do niche market research. It is not necessary that if he/she has got success in that niche you are also going to write good and excel in that niche. Choose your niche cautiously and for this a lot of things matter.
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Choosing a niche should NOT be based on what's making more money. You should rather focus on below points while choosing your niche:

1. Think what area you are confident to talk/write/ Share info about (because you should not give wrong/half information, you will lose the trust of your followers)

2. See what you are going to be passionate about (because you're going to work on this blog not just for few says, you will have work with it for many many years). You need to build consistent content.

3. Explore topics less explored: Since many bloggers choose same niche, viewers may not be able to find sufficient info on some unexplored subjects. If you are an early bird or among the very few in that topic, chances are you will make good of it.

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Hitha Nanjappa well said. Passion is the only thing that going to keep someone moral up even when there is no earning/traffic on their blog.
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