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Blogging has become very popular in India. The effect can be easily noticed on the Social Medias like Facebook. There are hundreds and thousands of Blogging Groups on Facebook. And some of them have more than 10,000 bloggers in their group. Indian teenagers are also taking a lot of interest in Blogging. School and College students are moving towards Blogging.

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche
Choosing the correct niche for your blog is very necessary because you will have to write and continue the same thing for a very long time. Choose the topic you yourself are good at. And if you just choose a topic just because of your friend is making big dollars on that niche and without complete knowledge of that topic, you are not going to survive in the Blogging World.

Hold on and have a deep breath. Just focus and try to think what you excel at. What topics attract you and what can you write about comfortably and are sure that you can do the same in the coming years. Think and Analyze your own expertise. Forget what your friend is doing.

Girls love to blog on Lifestyle, Trends, Fashion, and Beauty. If you are a girl and you are fond of reading about fashion trends, new beauty products then you can start your own fashion blog or a beauty tips blog.

Guys are mostly tech freaks so most of them prefer making a tech blog. But tech blogging has become very competitive just because of this only. Go for tech blog only if you are a tech freak by heart and has a habit of reading about new tech article, gadgets in the market. tech tips and hacks.
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Don't run behind what's making more money, it's like a fashion trend. What's "in" now will go tomorrow. Instead I recommend as below:

1. See what's your passion area: you need to be consistent and sustain on a long term. You can create good Content only if you like the subject that you are creating for.

2. Choose a lesser explored subject: Since what's a popular topic will have lot of bloggers, there will be a lot of competition. Instead finding a different/ lesser explored subject to create content will give you an early bird advantage.

3. Pick a subject on which you have sufficient knowledge: you must be able to give out good quality content as readers will be looking up to what you create. You can't give out fake, stolen, wrong, half-info that would lead to your followers losing trust on you.

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Hitha Nanjappa well said...
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