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If we talk about Blog and Event Blogging, then blogging is a long process and it can take almost a year to do it and earn money from it and even then you can not earn as much money as Event Blogging because in blogging you have to make your own money. It takes a lot of time to bring traffic to the blog and even after working hard, that much traffic does not come.
As much as it comes in 2-3 days in Event Blogging.

If anyone does blogging, then he does it to earn money and there will be no traffic in blogging, then you will not be able to earn money and if you talk about event blogging, then you will get a lot of traffic in it in 2-3 days because many people share it. Is.
If you want to do blogging to earn money, then Event Blogging is right for you and it requires less effort, if you talk about the same blog, then there is more effort in it, but money is also earned from it for a long time. Earning also ends when the festival ends in blogging.
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