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Sep 22, 2021

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It is not a tool if you are expecting to write a PERFECT English article without knowing English. You can only use it to run checks of what you already know.
Similar to setting language preferences in MS.word and running a spell & grammar check.

Benefit of Grammarly is that it is something that can be used beyonf MS.word. Ideal for not just writing blogs, but for grammar check on all that you type with your phone/computer on a day to day basis.
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Many people know about Grammarly and must have used it too, but those who do not know, let me tell them that Grammarly is a grammar-based tool for English language, which tells the mistakes made in your English grammar and spelling of words. And gives suggestions to correct them. With the help of Grammarly, you can correct the mistake in Spelling Mistake, Potential grammar, Punctuation and sentence. You can use Grammarly in both free and premium ways.

Now you know what is Grammarly and what is its use, so let us now know how to earn money from Grammarly, Grammarly has its own affiliates program, with the help of which you can earn money, you can join their affiliate program. You can earn money by sharing its premium products.

Grammarly affiliate program can prove to be the best for those people who are searching for a CPA based affiliate program, Grammarly is a CPA based affiliate program that gives you $0.20 commission for free signup. Apart from this, there are many ways to earn money from Grammarly affiliate program.

• Active bonus of $25: When you successfully sign up their affiliate program, they give you a signup bonus of $25. To get the signup bonus, all you have to do is publish their banner and article on your website, after that you have to mail that link to them. After review you will get a bonus of $25

• $0.20 Free Signup: If someone installs Grammarly extension with the help of your referral link and does free signup then you will get $0.20 per sign up

• $ 20 Premium Upgrade: If someone buys their premium plan from your link then you will get $ 20 per sale

• Bonus Commissions: If you make $2000 affiliate income in a month, then it gives you an extra bonus of $200, for which you do not have to do anything extra. Similarly, $400 bonus on $4000 and $800 on $8000.

With the help of all these methods, you can make good income from Grammarly affiliate program.Grammarly affiliate program is a very good platform to earn money online
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