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Firstly, you much create sufficient content on your site with a particular niche. Gain confidence from your readers/ subscribers that you have sufficient knowledge about the subject that you are blogging about.

Over a period of time, if you think that you have gained good hold on the subject and have sufficient capacity to influence people with your content, then you can start recommending products on your site. You can sell physical products, affiliate marketing or guide them to another site where you are selling something. And ask them to buy!

If you started out as a blog, then converting readers to customers cannot happen over night. It needs building good confidence through good content.

Alternatively, if the purpose of your blog is to only sell products, then you must place the products on the site, create good compelling content (write-up, photos, videos etc.), get good reviews & testimonials about your products and gain attention of the visitors. Convince them into buying your product/service through a convincing article about it.

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