January 19th, 2024

How do I find out what largest ATS a company uses?

Determining the specific largest applicant tracking systems a company uses can be challenging, as many organizations consider this information proprietary. However, you can employ several strategies to gather insights:

1. Job Listings: Analyze the job postings on the company's career page or external job boards. Sometimes, the ATS name or logo appears in the application process, providing clues.

2. Contact the HR Department: Reach out to the company's Human Resources department directly. Inquire about their application process and the ATS they use. Some companies may disclose this information willingly.

3. LinkedIn Insights: Explore the LinkedIn profiles of current or former employees in HR or recruiting roles. Professionals often list the tools and technologies they work with, potentially revealing the company's ATS.

4. Industry Forums and Reviews: Participate in industry-specific forums or review websites where recruiters and HR professionals discuss ATS platforms. This can provide insights into common systems used within a particular industry.

5. Third-Party Tools: Utilize online tools designed to identify the ATS used by a given website. While not foolproof, these tools can offer clues based on the structure of the online application process.

Remember, while these methods may provide some information, there's no guarantee of accuracy. Companies may change their ATS or keep such details confidential. Always respect privacy and data protection regulations when seeking this information.

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