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Somethings that I do are:
1. I note down points (unstructured words, bullet points) as and when they come into my head. Then, when I'm in the writing mood, I try to look at all these bullet points and try to make long detailed posts about them.
2. Sometimes, I just take a break. Take a walk, cook a meal or so anything I like apart from writing. It will help me relax, then I will come back and start afresh to think and wrote my posts.
3. If thinking of content is taking time, one can work in reverse. Do research for keywords, title, tags etc. to figure out what will help for the next post. Based on this outcome, one can start writing the content.
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Writers’ block occurs all the time, and seems impossible to avoid. There are, though, steps you can take to prevent it, sometimes before it even starts happening. I would like to mention some thoughts regarding this which I do feel is right:

✓Write Down Ideas As They Come To You
✓Commit To Your Idea
✓Be Far Enough Ahead To Work On Whatever You Want
✓Break The Writing Process Into Multiple Parts
✓Go To Where Things Stopped Working
✓Jump Ahead
✓Stay Focused At Work Easily And Get Things Done Fast.

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Please explain details
5 months ago   1
Inorder to post consistently, one needs a continuous flow of ideas to write about.
But there are many times, that we might feel stuck without ideas.,
or sometimes, one light just feel lazy n no motivation.

How to overcome such situations?
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