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i. Stand out by sharing the latest and important information: When customers search online, they compare directions, opening hours, photos and offers. You can tell what is special in your business by putting photos, information, offers etc.

ii. Connect with customers: Share customers' stories, post reviews and connect with you right from their phones. Google My Business gives you the opportunity to tell about your business. Respond to reviews, messages and customer queries and you will automatically receive calls from interested customers.

iii. Build a Free Mobile Optimized Website in 10 Minutes: With Google My Business, you can create a great website. You can edit this free website from computer or mobile. This will also let you know which photo the customer liked the most and where the customer came from.

iv. You can find out how customers find you: Google My Business gives you insight into how customers find you and interact with your listing. You can track the number of searches, phone calls and direction requests for your business. This will also let you know which photo the customer liked the most and where the customer came from.
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