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First, you need to install and activate the PayPal Donations plugin on your WordPress site.

After activating the plugin, click on Settings >> PayPal Donations to create your donation button.

Here, you need to enter your PayPal email address. Using which you login to your PayPal account.

By default the donation currency remains in US dollars. To change this, you can choose the currency of your country from the dropdown menu.

You can set it up as the Return Page in the Optional Settings section by creating a thank you page on your site. You can add a default amount, purpose, and reference to your PayPal donations.

In the next step, choose your PayPal button style or enter a URL for the custom button image. You can also change the donation country and language.

This plugin allows you to easily add a PayPal donate button anywhere on your WordPress website using a shortcode.

Simply edit the post or page where you want the donate button to appear, and then add the shortcode in the content editor.

Here you have to add the [paypal-donation] shortcode… and see a preview of your post or page.

This plugin also lets you add PayPal donations buttons to the sidebar or footer widget area. Simply click on Appearance >> Widgets and drag-drop the PayPal Donations widget to your sidebar or footer
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